The Intuitive Counselling Method

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The Intuitive Counselling method is a conscious therapies practice based on the foundational framework of fostering an awareness and embodiment of self that supports the raising of consciousness to ease emotional, mental, and intergenerational pain, anguish and struggles that you are experiencing in your inner world, outer world and life overall.

Conscious therapies and Intuitive Counselling methods focus on fostering an awareness of your deepest thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and internal and external experiences to facilitate healing and expansion of self, surroundings, and situations so that you can respond to and experience life in healthier, dynamic and rewarding ways.

The intuitive practices and processes of conscious therapies and counselling radically disrupt current behaviours, beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes to create internal shifts and changes to the way you experience yourself and your life thereby building your capacity to empower your own healing, progress, development and growth beyond emotional, mental, internal, and external pains and struggles, limitations, fears, triggers, and trauma present in your daily life.

Intuitive Counselling, like all conscious therapies approaches, is a collaborative process between therapist and client to create change on the energetic, physical, emotional, and mental levels of your past, present and future, and the way you move through the currents of life.

The Nuts and Bolts of Intuitive Counselling

Intuitive Counselling sessions are intuitive, integrative & person-centred support sessions. Intuitive Counselling helps people process emotional and mental pain and trauma, improve mental health and wellbeing, and break cycles and patterns that are limiting, dysfunctional and unhealthy.

The Intuitive Counselling method is a process of collaborative exploration, discovery, processing, healing, and progression. It supports the raising of consciousness to foster and stimulate personal growth and development, relationship growth and development, generational growth and development and growth and development of human needs; physiological, safety, social, esteem and self-actualisation.

You should consider seeing me if you are experiencing or need help with exploring, dissecting, deconstructing, healing and recovering around:

  • Internal Dialogues – Self Worth, Self-Hatred, Self Love Challenges
  • Patterned Behaviours – Repetitive and Disruptive Behaviours, Thoughts and Beliefs.
  • Reframing and Acceptance – Struggling with Life, Internal and External World Struggles.
  • Emotional Imbalances – Shutting Down, Unable to Express Emotion, Inability To Control Emotions, including Emotional Outbursts.
  • Holistically – Struggling In All Areas of Life.
  • Self Awareness – Becoming Self Aware, Acting Intentionally, Displaying or Feeling Empathy.
  • Grief – Loss of Loved Ones, Changes and Significant Disruptions To Life.
  • Generational Trauma – Dysfunction in Families and Familial Lineage, Recurring Themes, Patterns and Cycles, Generational Limitations, Trauma and Wounds.
  • Self Esteem & Self Worth – Low or Poor Self Worth, Inability To Value Self, Boundaries, People Pleasing, Co-dependency, Attachment Issues.
  • Anxiety, Overwhelm and Stress – Fear, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Social Anxiety, Irrational Fears, Stress, Chronic Stress.

*Integrative and intuitive approaches support my ability to assist you in many areas of counselling, in addition to referring you to services that are better equipped to handle your needs if I am stretched beyond my capacity.

Not Just the Symptoms

Conscious therapies and Intuitive Counselling methods take a holistic approach to work with people. The holistic approach allows us to focus on the whole person and considers biological, psychological, and social factors and their complex interactions in understanding health, illness, and the effective delivery of health care.

This means that we consider all aspects, all experiences, and all impacts to foster and facilitate awareness, healing, recovery and expansion. There are no Band-Aid solutions here!
Additionally, the person-centred approach means that you are the driver of your healing journey, and I am the co-driver helping you to navigate the vehicle of change that is the Intuitive Counselling method. Together we collaborate on helping you achieve all that you desire for yourself.

How Does It Help?

A core value within conscious therapies and Intuitive Counselling is the value of your story and your safety. An integral part of my philosophy is to provide a space and a presence where you feel safe to speak openly, fearlessly and freely, and where you feel heard, valued and worthy.

Through this therapeutic connection, the Intuitive Counselling sessions can help you process emotions, thoughts and trauma, break the holding pattern of past experiences, flip limiting thoughts, reframe disruptive thought patterns from destructive to constructive, and give you a unique insight into your behaviours, patterns, thoughts and trajectory in life.

Intuitive Counselling will assist you with putting yourself first, in ways that support you without limitation and in ways that support the development of healthy, harmonious relationships (with yourself and those around you).

Why Work With Me?

A major philosophical viewpoint that governs my approach to working with people in a consciously therapeutic manner is this…”I am not an authority on any person’s life but my own. I am, however, a collaborator in people’s life and healing journeys.” And as someone who has performed intimate dances with internal and external pain, trauma, struggles and suffering, it is now in my DNA to ease internal and external pains and anguish in and among others.

My approach to working with people is incredibly balanced and heart-centred, allowing me to be both empathetic and encouraging as we unite to build conscious holistic ecosystems of support for your growth and expansion beyond current situations. I am highly intuitive, resourceful and innovative when it comes to helping connect you with the root cause of your experiences, situations, challenges, thoughts and emotions, and I am adaptive to ensure the most effective tools and techniques support you in achieving desired outcomes and results.

I most likely do not fit the typical counsellor mould as I am willing and capable to sit alongside people in their pain, it is a privilege to wade amongst the shadows of others and guide them out from the darkness and I am deeply humbled and grateful when clients succeed. Additionally, it is my lived experience with family dysfunction, violence, trauma, unworthiness and even suicidality that fuels my desire to help ease others’ pain which keeps me grounded and down to earth, leans me toward being relatable, and underpins my belief that we are always a work in progress and that includes me.

WHAT’S NEXT? Now that you know more about me and the conscious therapies Intuitive Counselling method, you can discern if this sounds like it may be a good fit for you and the kind of support you are looking for when it comes to your growth and healing journey.
If you feel I am the one for you, then head to our single-session booking page to book your appointment: Book Here.
Alternatively, if you would like a 15-minute Conscious Clarity Call to ascertain if and how we can work together, please register here.



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