Soul Guidance: Being and Business – January 7 2024

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Soul Guidance: Being and Business + Financial Focus
7th January 2024 – 13th January 2024

Soul Guidance is intuitive and spirit led guidance that supports personal (being) and business alignment, growth and transformation. This guidance is a general soulful reading based on collective energies and guidance. Take what sits well or inspires you, and leave what doesn’t. And remember, while guidance supports your movements and progress in life and business, nothing is ever set in stone.

This second week in January comes as a surprise to many as it brings in a new kind of energy thanks to the blue flame of purity. This energy, as it suggests, purifies your personal situations and experiences, but it also elevates us to new heights of being. These heights of course, resemble a sense of purified of healing, purified creativity, and wait for it, purified fertility.

But wait, what does that mean? Well, firstly it’s about the past being in in the past and leaving it there. At some point through the week you are being asked to recognise the past is in the past and that with a genuine commitment to yourself, you can leave it all behind without nary a thought. To do so, to purify the past with the blue flame of purity and choosing to close the door on it provides you with new heights and waves of healing that are anchored into your body and being with the fortuitous energy of purified love.

It also means that as you rise to the occasion of loving yourself out of the past, your creative prowess ignites and finds expressive release in your life. If and when in doubt, anchor in love; hand on heart, feeling love, breathing love, being, sensing and returning to love with every fibre of your being; for it is the purified love that will generate a curiosity and an explorative nature that aligns so very well with the inner child vibration and that of uninhibited creative expression.

Imagination will play a large part in undoing, leaving behind, and moving forward in creative expression, so be sure to attune to love, the love for a child and the love of a child (curious and free) and play pretend, daydream and imagine all the potentials and possibilities of your life, your situations, scenarios and environments. In other words, have fun with it.

Now, with all of that said, the fertility gods are out to play this week and that means there will be a few surprises coming our way. So, as much as we can expect surprises in birthing new ideas and projects into life or receiving the seeds to do so, so too can it be surprises from the bedroom. Therefore, if you want to be conceiving a child this week, great. If not, you are definitely wanting to suit up and implement all your protection methods. Even then though, with all the layers of protection, intercourse is still likely to result in the conception of child.

Okay, before moving on and into the realms of soulful business, we must also indicate the necessity to remain true to yourself at all costs. If you don’t, the cost will far outweigh the benefits. So, in all endeavours this week (and beyond), eyes wide open, hearts wide open, and intuition wide open and receptive. You’ve got this!

Now, in the soulful business realms, one can easily see that there are benefits coming in this week. The energy of the blue flame sets about purifying your business in such a way that you are deeply aligned with the integrity of you and the integrity of your business, and that this integrity is like a beacon, a lighthouse that reassures you and attracts and creates visibility in the public eye.

This week offers the magic of manifestation in your business, namely to manifest and project a business that aligns with your integrity, morals and values. Think birthing the onset of a soulful business so aligned and true with your insides, your core, that it can been seen from outer space with such clarity that there is no room left for doubt or confusion around who you are and what you do. This is the glow up, internally and externally, that you have been waiting for. And babes, you’ve got this! Last week there was an indication that it was more than okay to feel uncertain or confused about your business until the 15th, and you still might after this week, but, this glow up is all about you and your light, and not necessarily about the services, products, programs etc, that you offer.

The blue flame of purity also provides a cleaner slate for you to move into and forward with, and this means that there is a good opportunity to to heal residual business energies and experiences that have impacted your progress and success. This refers to knowing the past is in the past and closing the door behind. Do this and a brand new door will appear, one that is creative and fertile, for you to step through. Have fun!

Our financial focus for the week centres on purifying what has been inconsistent with your thinking, your values and your beliefs around money and finances. This means that we are being asked to get a little creative in our thinking, a little more creative with our money structures (think money tree), and a little more creative with our spending habits. Now, the latter is not about being frugal or making your dollar stretch further and further! It is about being creative in the ways that you spend your money so that you are invoking and experiencing fun when you spend. Yes, get creative and make your spending fun!

Now, as for improving or increasing your finances this week, we want you to test a little theory out and take notes; mental, energetic and written; including outcomes and results.

What we want you to do is this: Anytime throughout the day say, “thank you universe, for the additional ($insert preferred dollar amount$). Thank you, thank you, thank you”.

The rules: Say it no less than two times throughout a day (morning and night for example), and always say it in groups of three.

From there, pay attention, keep a journal, and reap the rewards.





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