Soul Guidance: Being and Business – January 28 2024

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Soul Guidance: Being and Business + Financial Focus
28th January 2024 – 3rd February 2024

Soul Guidance is intuitive and spirit led guidance that supports personal (being) and business alignment, growth and transformation. This guidance is a general soulful reading based on collective energies and guidance. Take what sits well or inspires you, and leave what doesn’t. And remember, while guidance supports your movements and progress in life and business, nothing is ever set in stone.

*NOTICE: Next week we will be releasing Soul Guidance on Mondays.

Creating harmony through balance. These are the optics of the week ahead, a simulation of sorts where you get to see, sense and feel the inner peace that a balanced life will bring. It is written in the stars that inner peace, harmonious living, comes from balance,  so the week brings you both easy and challenging opportunities to experience just that.

There is and forever will be a balance to life where the masculine and feminine meet, where life and death greet, and where endings and beginnings cycle in continuous motion. An awareness of the balanced and harmonious nature of life itself will help you explore your life with intentionality to discover where balance can be invited and restored. Perhaps it will be in your very way of self-expressing, perhaps it will be in your relationships, or perhaps it will be in the time you allocate to the work, play, family, ratio. Wherever it is for you, balance will require your attention and intention if it is to be invited in and restored to facilitate harmony in your life.

This applies to your inner world as well, so don’t forget about looking inward, and challenging your thoughts, behaviours and beliefs, as the inner journey of balance will aide you in creating harmony in your heart as well as your home.

Positive aspects to the week revolve around being in a more gentle and receptive energy and environment. This gentility and receptivity makes it easier to implement change. Not only that, it makes it easier to recognise and discover what is required to change in order to invite or restore balance and harmony.

Slow and steady, purposeful and intentional, will be your power tools to identifying imbalances and implementing balancing and harmonising practices.

Negative aspects are two fold. Firstly, there is the potential to tip the scales too far in the opposing direction. I.E. Restoring balance to a workaholic routine could overreach and result in too much playtime. Being aware of this potential negative aspect, of overreaching, can be mitigated by consciously considering balance between all things and choosing to find the middle ground in opposing factors.

Secondly, there is an air of resistance to creating balance itself. This derives from a disbelief that balance and harmony can be achieved, and or, that a balanced life is a beneficial life. If you fall into this second category of being, do your best to challenge your beliefs every step of the way, and perhaps take it upon yourself to look at creating balance as an experiment whereby you will be able to critically analyse the results, weighing up the pros and cons.

Financial aspects are levelling out for many of us this week, meaning that any financial hardship experienced in the later stages of 2023 and the early stages of January 2024, will begin to ease as finances are moving into a restorative process of their own accord (balance is being restored as a natural part of the ebb and flow of our lives). This means that work is reappearing, windfalls are possible, and job opportunities with higher wages or salaries attached are on the cards.

If we look at this from a business perspective, we can see that a more balanced approach to your business will result in inner harmony, increased financial harmony, and more harmony in the expenditure of your time and effort, and that in which is reciprocated as a result, so HANG IN THERE!

Balance in your business is reliant on creating dedicated times to be in your business, dedicated spaces to work your business, and boundaries that support a distinction between your business life and your home life. This means that if you want to work from 10am to 4pm 4 days a week, you will need to honour that. It also means having a threshold of sorts that indicates you stepping into or out of, your business. This is particularly necessary for all people who work from home. There needs to be a dividing line between your home and your business.

Some examples of thresholds is:

  • Actual doorways: stepping across the threshold of a doorway from one room into another.
  • Lighting a candle: light a special candle with the intention that when you do it represents being in your business.
  • Taped line: a line tape placed on the floor to symbolise a threshold.
  • Imagined line: imagine the spot and hold the intention when you step over it.

Overall, the week ahead has great potential to support your holistic health and wellbeing, in any and all areas of life, providing you maintain an awareness of creating balance in your life and finding the middle ground of any two opposing factors.





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