Gemma Rose

Helping clients process emotion, thought and trauma, transform life pains, struggles, internal dialogues and limiting points of view, and experience life beyond trauma, triggers, fears, shame and other life limitations.
Intuitive Counselling
Intuitively & personally tailored counselling sessions to help people process emotional & mental pain & trauma for improved holistic health & wellbeing.
Solu2Soul Therapy
Free you body, heart, mind and soul through the process of designated soul 2 soul therapeutic experiences where resolution, forgiveness & release are achieved.
Creative Outlet
Our focus is to create and offer products that promote balance & harmony within your body, being, house & home, & we are so happy to be sharing them with you.
Hi! My name is Gemma
Conscious Therapist & Intuitive Counsellor

Over the past decade (shhh, it’s more but whose counting) I’ve work on soul healing, spiritual healing and self healing with one crystal clear goal in mind; ‘to ease others emotional and mental pain, anguish and struggles in life’. This goal or mission in life fuels my continual development of collaborative healing approaches and processes with clients and people I see. Dancing intimately with my own pain, trauma, inner struggles and suffering in life fuels my ‘why’ in helping others know themselves, process, heal and progress beyond any limitation they’ve ever known. How? By continually developing personal and professional practices that create, and co-create, conscious holistic ecosystems of support from the inside out.

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