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I’ll be the first to tell you that our practice is unique. It sits between two worlds of health, healing and wellness; the spiritual and the mainstream; and that is exactly how I like it.

Incorporating spiritual practices, alternative healing methods and mainstream counselling and mental health methods places me in the unique position of being to help you on all levels from a heart centred space, where your healing and growth is the most important part of our relationship.

Gemma Rose, Counselling, Coaching & Consultancy is here to help you create balance and harmony within your self, your relationships,  your families and team environments.

I am here to help you to heal the past, to recreate the present, to provide a thriving future, all of which supports you, your families and your communities.

Learning Together

Loving Always

Hello, I’m

Gemma Rose

It is a blessing & an honour to be sharing with you my experiences and expertise from 12 years in the spiritual, psychic and self development industry and 47 years on this earth.

What I am incredibly passionate about, is seeing women rise and families thrive. It brings me great joy in learning, living, loving and growing together in collaborative, flourishing and thriving ways, and my wish for you is to experience a wonderful shift in how you process, experience and perceive your world.

My purpose on this planet is to be a healer, and this carried out in many forms, from a simple conversation to strategized counselling, coaching and healing sessions.

I have always been a mediator, bridging the gaps between others and supporting those experiencing suppression. My counselling skills have always been present as an active listener or supportive shoulders to lean on, and I believe wholeheartedly that we are all works in progress, continually learning how to live and love, with ourselves and each other.



What They Say

"I have worked with Gemma for a number of years now, and I have to say that I appreciate every opportunity I get to converse with her. Gemma has a unique way of approaching our counselling sessions like they are conversations between two people. And yet, I get so much out of them. Insight, clarity, healing. I always come away from a session feeling lighter and like I can do and get through anything."

"Reframing with you recently certainly made all the difference to how I was feeling and has allowed me to approach life right now with the creativity that I need to. Thankyou."

"If you want to move forward, onward and upward in your life, then this girl is for you. She has a spooky talent for getting to the truth of situations and big heart that supports you in achieving your dreams. My life is forever changed."

"Thank you for helping me with the pains and traumas of my past. Working with you has helped me heal the pain and let go of the past. I didn't know how much it all effected my curent relationships, and I'm so glad that you helped me have better ones.

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