Soul Guidance for Being and Business – February 5th to11th 2024

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Soul Guidance: Being and Business + Financial Focus
5th February 2024 – 11th February 2024

Soul Guidance is intuitive and spirit led guidance that supports personal (being) and business alignment, growth and transformation. This guidance is a general soulful reading based on collective energies and guidance. Take what sits well or inspires you, and leave what doesn’t. And remember, while guidance supports your movements and progress in life and business, nothing is ever set in stone.

Collectively, we are entering a phase in life where the path we are walking becomes clear with ultra precision and or reveals itself with such tenacity that you jump ship. Yes, a hidden pathway may well reveal itself to you this week and if it does, trust that it is the path and direction you’ve been waiting for. Jump ship, change direction, divert from your current and well trodden trajectory. Right now, all signs are pointing you toward growth, progress and success through and from, this clearer path. Trust in it!

You will of course experience an element of fear; fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of trust, fear of being taken off path; however, this is one of those moments where feeling the fear, acknowledging the fear, and stepping out of your comfort zone and onto the new path way, even the one paved with clarity, is the best course of action for you and your progress in life.

Along side of this is an understanding that spirituality, connection to nature, god or the universe, and reality, are meant to be actively supporting each other in the co-creation of a harmonious life. When it is, balance manifests in your life with greater ease, therefore, nurture your your connection, your faith in whatever spiritual aspect you believe in, in a way that is harmonious with the reality of your world. Essentially, you are being guided to create harmonious unions between spirit and matter, spiritual and real, so that you and your experience of life is one of more ease, balance, contentment and fulfilment. Without the trust that nurturing your spirituality instils, without the faith in your spirituality, and without the action (practical action in the real world) there will always be an ebb and flow in and out of ease and struggle that is more intense than necessary.

Learn to decipher, learn to discern and learn to implement, are keys to creating balance in a dualistic life.

Patterns are prevalent this week so follow the patterns that present as they will create clarity and opportunity.

Positive aspects revolve around being opportunistic, which is supported by your ability to be aware of your spiritual and human side whilst attending to finding balance between the two.

Negative aspects revolve around the same thing, being opportunistic, but from an unaware space that denotes finding balance and aligns with the humanness of your being instead.

Business wise, improvements can be made if you align your spiritual self with your human self, and this can be as simple as ending your day with a walk in nature, a meditation, a prayer etc.

The understanding and recognition of dualism in all things helps you find balance in your business by seeking the middle ground as apposed to investing too heavily into one aspect or another. Know that there is always middle ground. Find that in your business life and a new found flourishment will be experienced. Also, be aware of stepping too heavily into the practicalities or the spirituality of your business; leaning too far one way or the other will not support growth or progress in any way, shape or form.

Financially, if you are able to, reflect on investments, on your existing investments or on your capacity to invest a little of your money as it is a good time to start attending to or working on a little nest egg.

Overall, your key concepts this week are finding balance in spiritual and real world experiences, identifying a new path to take with clarity and certainty, trusting and stepping on to said path, and reflecting on the concept of your very own nest egg.





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