Soul Guidance: Being and Business – January 21 2024

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Soul Guidance: Being and Business + Financial Focus
21st January 2024 – 27th January 2024

Soul Guidance is intuitive and spirit led guidance that supports personal (being) and business alignment, growth and transformation. This guidance is a general soulful reading based on collective energies and guidance. Take what sits well or inspires you, and leave what doesn’t. And remember, while guidance supports your movements and progress in life and business, nothing is ever set in stone.

There is always a little ray of sunshine trying to peak through the clouds on the darkest of days, and that is where we find ourselves this week, in a space and time where we begin to see that rays of light that have been obscured until now. These little rays and lights of colour will once again instil hope, happiness and joy in our lives.

Think of the analogy, “there is light at the end of the tunnel”, or how rainbows appear after the rain as the clouds part to reveal the rays of sunlight. That’s the kind of energy and experience we are in for this week.

Now, this may be a heady rush for some while for others it will be a slow but welcomed sigh of relief. Either way, no matter how you experience it, you are coming to the other side of your arduous journey and what awaits is a peace and harmony within your body, your being, your life, that promotes healing on a cellular level.

It is safe to say that happiness awaits and will be yours by the time the week is seen through.

Positive aspects of this week belong to a rise in energy and certainty of life and your life’s path. It encompasses the light coming in and recharging your weary body, heart, mind and soul, and any and all situations that have left you weary. The end is nigh as there is resolution in the air, and that my friends, is good for all concerned.

Tips to assist you this week speak of remaining steady within yourself, remaining true to your boundaries, your integrity and values, and of honouring yourself, your health, your well-being above all things. Do this and the rest will follow with a naturalistic ease that contributes to your peace and happiness. Additionally, acknowledge the rays of light, the rays of hope, and refrain from dismissing them as inconsequential. They are not!

That takes us to exploring the negative aspects of the week and the obvious one is a tendency to dismiss seeing the rays of light, the little rays of hope that point to better days and good things coming. Please do your best to catch yourself if you are one who tends to naturally dismiss hope for change.

There is also concern for mistrust and non-belief being served with a side dish of control freak. If this looks like a meal that you would consume; that would consume you; please know that the element of mistrust could look like mistrusting yourself and your collaborative efforts with the universe. This mistrust will blind you to any rays of hope trying to glisten in your peripheral to grab your attention.

Equally so, not believing in yourself, your choices or your actions will result in repeating the patterns and cycles that have led you to this moment despite your efforts to break them, and for all you control freaks out there trying to force the good relationships, the good times, the good experiences into your life, STOP! You will create more harm than good. The hurt, the pain, the suffering and the struggle will be yours so stop trying to control what happens and start trusting the process. Be authentically you (integrity), trust you and the universe to be collaborative and co-creative, and believe in yourself baby; it’s the only way to mitigate negative outcomes and experiences.

Financial aspects for this week are also connected with rays of hope and rainbows (glitter ones) after the storm. Trust. Believe. And do the work. You’ve got this!

To navigate your financial experiences this week with an acceptance of ease coming in this area, acknowledge the hope, trust in the process and decrease stressing out, struggling with and attempting to control (“got to get money” attitude) what’s happening financially. Your control freak aspect contributes to your stress and compounds the inner struggle, so choose to be in it (the now) and be free from it.

Much easier said than done, right? Yes, especially if there isn’t enough money on the ground to take care of the basic needs. So, in times of financial stress and duress, to decrease stress and be in the now, what can you do? Well, the motto of “Fire Country” comes to mind:


What this means is get up every day and do the work; on yourself, on your home, in your family, in your day job, in your business, and in whatever else you want to build upon. Get up, do the work, don’t worry. Things will and do have a way of working out. Also, and again, get creative with your perception of money and finances, and with how you spend your money. It will make a difference.

Taking that same formula into transforming your soul business this week will also be highly beneficial. There are some other aspects and actions you can take to increase and or improve your soul business experience this week and they look like pruning the dead out of your business and creating a simplistic vibe. This means looking at your business, your offerings and income streams, and cutting loose what no longer bears fruit or what no longer needs to be there. In essence, what brings happiness and feels fulfilling should stay. The rest should go (for now).

In this context, you are being asked to think “specialist” and “specialising”. Drilling down to a space where you specialise in one or two things is required to help ease the burden of overwhelm, to engage a laser focus, and to activate a fulfilling role and experience in your business. And hey, once you’ve developed and succeeded at being a specialist, you can re-expand into other areas or offerings should you choose it.

To support you in soul business areas this week, ask yourself and reflect upon (journal, brainstorm etc): What Do I Specialise In?

Essentially, this week, things are looking up, especially if you have been in a weary space before this. There are states that you need to be conscious of decreasing or separating yourself from, such as control, and there are states that you need to embrace, like trust, however overall, if you choose to see it, the light is there at the end of the tunnel and it’s replenishing and restorative rays will soon be glistening and glowing into your life.






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