Intuitive Coaching – What? How? Why?

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Eclectic

Intuitive coaching…the very quick sales point with my intuitive coaching sessions is that if you are an individual with a heartfelt desire and genuine focus on self development, then this one is for you. Achieving goals, creating strategies and becoming both self aware and self empowered, are dynamic tools and practices in actualising your dreams and visions in personal, relationships, community and career pathways. This, we can do together!

Intuitive coaching looks like, however is not limited to, exploring, discovering and progressing in and around:

  • Personal Betterment
  • Self Development
  • Self Discovery
  • Becoming & Unbecoming
  • Progress (Goal) & Strategy Development
  • Creating Pathways
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Accountability.


Intuitive coaching focuses on the holistic and empowering approaches and pathways in self-awareness, motivation, direction and achievement. My approach to coaching combines practical methods, spiritually based practices, psychotherapeutic approaches & positive psychology, all of which are drawn on to support your self-development, goal achievement, strategy and self motivations for self-actualisation; dreams and visions for yourself in your personal life, relationships, community and career pathways.


A core value within my intuitive coaching practice is the most important rule and value across my entire practice, to give people a voice! Finding your voice is a package deal along with the space, guidance and clarity to have your dreams and desires heard, recognised and realised.

Through my self-designed intuitive coaching, you get an external support system that encourages you to build and cultivate your inner ecosystems of support. Inner ecosystems that are self-supportive empower your being so that you can thrive and succeed as you envision it. And yes, I want to see you thrive, achieve and succeed as you define it.

Intuitive coaching addresses not only your mindset but the thought patterns that create limitations & even self-sabotaging acts. It’s a dynamic barrier breaker, limitation dissolver and fears disintegrator. Once we’ve broken through limiting factors the rebuilding begins, with opportunity, redefining and aligning new patterns, and developing practices and strategies.
Helping you to become clear in what you want for yourself, intuitive coaching brings actions, steps and precision to help get there.


What is the value in working with me? Well, I look at my coaching practice as you having your very own cheerleader, cheering you on as you grow, expand and achieve. I know that we all benefit from someone who can and will give you those much-needed pep talks, that much-needed support and even those much needed

hard conversations. Having a network of support willing to do the hard yards with you is the kind of person you want on your team.

I have an incredibly balanced, open and adaptable approach to coaching, one that incorporates counselling if and when needed. My natural approach in all my practice is empathetic, yet I’m a strong, enthusiastic advocate for people’s self-empowerment, growth and expansion beyond their current situations and circumstances, and into life experiences you choose to achieve.

Teamwork makes the dream work is my motto and forms my creed in life which makes me a healthy choice as a part of your support team. Loving to see people achieve and thrive, to succeed in life as they define it, coupled with being down to earth, a little bit funny, totally relatable and always ready and willing to do the work with you, makes me a good choice for your journey.

WHAT’S Next?

If you feel like I am the kind of conscious therapist and intuitive coach that you would like to work with, then head to the schedule/services page to book your next empowering session or head straight to our Booking App to request an appointment.



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