Intuitive Counselling – What? How? Why?

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Intuitive counselling…the very quick sales point is that these sessions are intuitively & personally tailored support sessions to help people process emotional and mental pain and trauma, improve mental health and wellbeing, and or break cycles and patterns that are limiting, dysfunctional and unhealthy. My intuitive counselling model is ‘process, heal, progress’, and supports personal growth & development, relationship growth & development, & generational growth & development while creating foundational ecosystems of support within yourself.

Intuitive counselling looks like (not limited to), exploring, dissecting, disassembling, healing and recovery around:

  • Internal Dialogues

  • Patterned Behaviours

  • Reframing

  • Acceptance

  • Emotional Imbalance

  • Holistically

  • Self Awareness

  • Grief

  • Generational Trauma

  • Self Esteem & Self Worth

  • Anxiety, Overwhelm


Intuitive counselling takes a holistic approach of awareness, healing and recovery, focusing on the whole person not just a symptom.
Taking a whole bodied approach to counselling means that we consider all apsects, all expereinces and all impacts to promote healing, recovery and expansion. There are no bandaid solutions here!
Intuitive counselling combines practical mainstream methods, spiritual based practices and psychotherapeutic approaches so that the whole person, including internal and external experiences and situations, is encouraged and empowered to integrate holistic recovery based ecosystems of support and healing. 


A core value within intuitive counselling is to give people a voice, one to speak openly and freely in a space where being heard and without judgement. This means that at the very least, you will come away from an intuitive counselling session feeling heard, valued and worthy.

Iintuitive counselling will help you process emotions, thoughts and trauma, break the holding pattern of past expereinces, flip limiting thoughts, reframe distinctive through patterns from destructive to constructive, and give you unique insight into your behaviours, patterns, thoughts and trajectory in life.

It even helps with putting yourself first, in ways that support you without limitation and in ways that support the development of healthy, harmonious relationships (with yourself and those around you).


My approach to working with people is incredibly balanced and heart centred, allowing me to be both empathetic and encouraging as we unite to build conscious holistic ecosystems of support for your growth and expansion beyond current situations.

I am highly intuitive, resourceful and innovative when it comes to helping connect you with the core of your situations, challenges, thoughts and emotions. Being adaptive in approaches is one of the most effective ways in achieving desired outcomes and results.

I love helping people, raising people out from the shadows, and seeing them succeed. My own lived expereince in family dysfunction, violence, trauma, unworthiness and even suicidality drives me to helping ease others pain, and I am down to earth, relatable, believe we are always a work in progress and am willing to learn that in which I don’t know…yet 🙂 let’s not forget just a little bit funny 😉


If this sounds like it may be the kind of support you are looking for or that I am the kind of conscious therapist/intuitive counsellor that you would like to work with, then head to the schedule/services page to book your next empowering session.



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