Soul Guidance: Being and Business – January 1 2024

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Soul Guidance: Being and Business + Financial Focus
1st January 2024 – 6th January 2024

Soul Guidance is intuitive and spirit led guidance that supports personal (being) and  business alignment, growth and transformation. This guidance is a general soulful reading based on collective energies and guidance. Take what sits well or inspires you, and leave what doesn’t. And remember, while guidance supports your movements and progress in life and business, nothing is ever set in stone.

The first week in January is often the hardest in the year when it comes to knowing your direction, your path and even the where and who with of where you are going. Spirit is here to say that it is okay to not know, it is okay to feel a little lost, and it is okay to feel confused even throughout this first week as there is a whole lot of uncertainty in the air, energetically and experientially.

As with all times of uncertainty, we often feel like we have to find parts of ourselves, ways forward, solutions, and external reasons to make sense out of the uncertainty. Please know that you do not have to that this time and that you are much better suited to find the space to allow the uncertainty to be just that, an experience, rather than finding a way out of it.
This is equally powerful in all dimensions of life however it is especially so in the realms of relationships, property, and finances. Sometimes the best you can do for yourself, and for those around you, is to leave it all be, stay in the here and now moments, and create the vacant or open space for the resolution and certainty to drop in…because it will.
  • Be open.
  • Be here.
  • Be now.
  • Acknowledge and Move On; don’t stay in the thoughts of uncertainty, the struggle with uncertainty, or the search for certainty.


How does this translate into soulful business guidance? Well, the same approach (check bullet points) can be applied to your business and professional endeavours. Allow yourself the freedom to acknowledge the uncertainty in your business or where you are in business, while at the same time remaining open, present and spacious.

The answers will come, people will come, just apply one idea, one method or strategy at time, and or as they come in.

Now, you must also be aware that between now and the 15th of January shifts and changes are easily implemented, and is one of the easiest times of the year for implementation, so get creative! Get creative with your business, apply a little creative magic aka the rules of joy, fun and excitement, and go with what’s left once you apply those rules.

What are the rules? Is it fun? Does it bring you joy? Is it your highest excitement? Those questions are all you need to apply to your endeavours. If the answer is no, the reconsider or dump completely.

For some, this will mean leaving behind a great deal. It could mean leaving behind who you thought you were, a well curated public persona, or a whole lot of products, creations or services that don’t make sense or don’t bring joy. Take the time, and the space, to acknowledge your feelings around this and refrain from getting caught up in the uncertainty of moving forward in your business this year.

And that brings us to a financial focus, and let’s face it, a financial focus and improvement is much needed for many people these days, including me, so let’s get right to it. The guidance says, how can you create the space in which to invite financial flow into your life, and at a rate where the incoming stream is far greater than the outgoing stream?

One of the suggestions here is to apply for those jobs that you do not want and instead of feeling bummed or frustrated, annoyed or upset at “having to” apply for work, reframe the experience as an invitation for that money to come in; an invitation for a new income stream to flow.

Additionally, I am being shown that opportunities are there, especially for solopreneurs like myself, to exponentially (and expediently) increase our financial in-flow by applying the rule of fun; is it fun; just for funsies; is it joyful; does it excitement; this line of thought and application will help you to attune to a more practical pathway to financial increase and improvements all around.

Before we sign off, let us just say that we hear the collective sigh that indicates thoughts, attitudes and beliefs of not having enough time, space or energy to apply any of these approaches to finances, business, relationships or any other life dimension. The exhaustion is palpable and we both acknowledge and concur that life is very busy, emotionally hectic and outright exhausting for many. However, the simplest of intentions to apply the approaches shared today, like making a note when you feel joy or taking stock of your excitement or when something feels fun, will be all the action you’ll need to keep you attuned to your growth and progress in life, being and business this week.





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