Quintessential Liberation

by | Oct 30, 2022 | Eclectic, Reflections

Mother Ganges meets me with an idea, a spark of inspiration endowed with a hint of revolution. The quintessential liberation! A powerful, intense, imbued sense of embodied experience that has the power to release the howler in the night, the siren within, the soul and essence of every divine living being willing to step into a space of pain, to share in depths of brokenness,  of fear, of confusion or anguish. To liberate and loosen the divine being within in such a way that allows self-expression of the genuine, whole self to be realised.

If we look at what it means to liberate, we will find the act or process of setting something or someone free from control, be that internal or external controlling forces. Look a little deeper and we will see that to liberate is also to remove societal constraints, sexual restraints and attitudes and belief systems that have been born of tradition.

To look into the world of quintessential meaning is to look into the pure essence of someone or the essential essence of something. Look a little deeper into quintessential and we will see that it relates to or refers to the perfect embodiment of something or someone.

Thus, quintessential liberation as I mean it to be is the perfect release of any primordial sense of restraint, any embodied sense of restraint, and any inflicted sense of restraint in the fullest sense of our emotional and physical being. It is the perfect embodiment of all aspects of ourselves, of our internal systems, nuances, shadows and all. It is the perfect release of emotion stored in our bodies that leads us to experience ourselves and the world around us as embodied beings full of life, spark, and intention.

Let us digress to Mother Granges, the personification of the River Ganges. She speaks of liberation from the past. Liberation from the binds. Liberation from the essence of others. A liberation that sets forth a journey of upliftment, cleansing and elevating, in a cycle of continuous movement and flow. This is the ebb and flow between all mothers, all healers, and all women. 

The divine spark of inspiration moves through us all, and the essence and energy of Mother Ganges will help to clear the path, washing away the obstacles that have led to personal containment. Washing away the obstacles that have stifled, and caused suffering. Washing away all that limits while opening the pathways and doorways to where the light of your life resides.

Pay homepage to the goddess of the River Ganges, and invite her energy and essence in, for she sustains, nourishes, nurtures and purifies the physical and spiritual bodies. Align with self-care practices that tend to your vessel, your human body, in simple, creative and expansive ways. Nurture your body, inside and out, and feel the rise of your divine spark, personal power and embellished purpose here on earth.

Quintessential liberation acts require getting in touch with your emotional being and your true feelings about all olife’s situations. It requires releasing stuck or stagnant emotions. And it means being adaptive and integrative in your acts of self-care and emotional release.

Done properly, safely and well supported, quintessential liberation leads you to embody all parts of yourself, shadows and all, as they are integral and healthy parts of your entire system of being. It also leads to singing your song and beautifying your inner and outer worlds in an image that is graceful, peaceful and poignant to you.

How do we do this?

How do we truly do this to the degree where residual energies and impacts are not left wanting for a ripe opportunity to resurface as dysfunction, dis-ease, illness or disease in our bodies?

Acts. We require acts of liberation, howls in the night, screams with the sirens, or wails with the women who have come before us all. We require space to honestly get in touch with our true felt emotions and the space to release them without fear or judgment. 

If we are to genuinely release stuck or stagnant emotions, we are required to be adaptive and integrative in our acts of self-care and emotional release, and if we don’t have the safe support of community workshops or therapy sessions, we can tend to our own release and self-care in active ways such as aerobic exercise like running, cross fit, Zumba, and cycling, boxing, kickboxing and martial arts exercise. Yelling into a pillow or out across the ocean, yard work, housework or even a wretched type of crying will suffice.

For purposes of being adaptive, calm release and self-care practices could involve anaerobic exercise like yoga, and gentle walking. Water always helps, with cool or cold showers or a dip in a pool, river or ocean highly recommended. Meditation, visualisations and creative avenues such as crochet, painting or even cooking could help shift emotions in a practical, day-to-day way.

Do you want to experience some quintessential liberation through the act of releasing emotions? Join Gemma for some upcoming emotive workshops that support tuning into your true feelings, releasing stagnant or stuck emotions, and becoming more attuned to an embodied experience of your life by emailing RELEASE to team@gemmarosegreen.com.au







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