Intuitive Counselling combines traditional counselling techniques with intuitive and empathic abilities to provide guidance, insight, and support to individuals seeking clarity, personal growth, and emotional healing.

This practice of conscious therapies aims to cultivate self-awareness and embodiment to help individuals elevate their consciousness and find relief from emotional, mental, and intergenerational pain, struggles, and anguish that they may be experiencing in their inner and outer worlds. It can be a powerful tool to help individuals improve their overall life.

All sessions are online telehealth sessions. You will need a webcam, a stable internet connection and privacy to participate in sessions.

Intuitive Counselling practices can help bring about significant changes in your behaviours, beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes. This can lead to internal shifts, empowering your own healing, growth, and development. With intuitive counselling, a collaborative approach is taken between the therapist and the client to create positive changes on various levels of your life.

Our counselling aims to enhance awareness of one’s innermost thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, either as an individual or a group, so that they can respond and contribute positively and healthily to their surroundings and circumstances.

In disrupting current behaviours, beliefs, thoughts and attitudes, you change the way you experience life and empower your own healing, progress, development and growth beyond trauma, triggers, fears and limitations however they present in your daily lives.

Consider working with me if you are experiencing or need help with exploring, dissecting, deconstructing, healing and recovering around any of the following:

Internal Dialogues

Self-Worth, Self-Hatred, Self-Love Challenges

Behavioural Patterns

Repetitive and Disruptive Behaviours, Thoughts and Beliefs.

Reframing and Acceptance

Struggling with Life, Internal and External World Struggles.

Emotional Imbalances

Shutting Down, Unable to Express Emotion, Inability To Control Emotions, including Emotional Outbursts.


Suicide prevention, intervention, suicidality and grief after suicide.

Intuitive Counselling Sessions offer person-centred support to process emotional pain, improve well-being, and break unhealthy patterns. It’s a collaborative process that fosters personal growth, relationships, and human needs.

Self Awareness

Becoming Self Aware, Acting Intentionally, Displaying or Feeling Empathy.


Loss of Loved Ones, Changes and Significant Disruptions To Life.

Generational Trauma

Dysfunction in Families and Familial Lineage, Recurring Themes, Patterns and Cycles, Generational Limitations, Trauma and Wounds.

Self Esteem & Self Worth

Low or Poor Self Worth, Inability To Value Self, Boundaries, People Pleasing, Co-dependency, Attachment Issues.

Anxiety, Overwhelm and Stress

Fear, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Social Anxiety, Irrational Fears, Stress, Chronic Stress.

Not just the symptoms

Intuitive counselling methods take a holistic and systemic approach to working with individuals. This approach enables us to focus on the whole person, taking into account biological, psychological, and social factors, as well as their complex interactions, in understanding health, illness, and effective service delivery.

This means that we consider all aspects of an individual’s experiences and impacts to foster and facilitate awareness, healing, recovery, and expansion. Our goal is to provide long-term solutions, not just quick fixes.

You drive your healing journey, I am the co-driver, the one who helps navigate the vehicle of change that is the intuitive counselling method.

We have implemented a reduced pricing structure to help with the exhaustion and financial hardship that many people are moving through. Please see below for more details.

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