Here’s an interesting discovery I’ve made today; the energy of NO is, can be, far more powerful than the energy of YES.


Because the energy of NO; when it’s not self supportive.…meaning the integrity of the NO is negative, selfish or erroneously manipulative; is like a festering blister which bubbles and oozes constantly, overflowing into the energy and the psyche of others.

Wow! Who knew, right? My awareness of this has finally come about after some intense conversations in which the gravity of NO was illuminated just enough for me to begin my own levels of exploration, allowing me to consciously create and cultivate more awareness, and more awareness and more awareness around how I’ve contributed to contradicting what I desire to manifest into being.

So, what’s the story here?

For me, this year was a BIG year of YES’s! It was planned with a few trips and weekends away that supported my being, and it was done so with excitement and knowing.

Now, I know I have my own financial or money issues to work through, and I do process them to the best of my ability and always maintain an awareness of clearing anything getting in the way, but this year, I was ready! I was ready to receive. I was pumped to be moving forward and upgrading my life. I was ready to receive the financial flow to support my being…..everything was set to be upgraded, and I was joyfully in allowance of that….bring it on, I shouted!

The thing is though, when it comes to relationships and family, you are not the only one. You are not the only person you need to consider, and with years of contradictive conditioning, it takes practice to stay in the truth of your being and reach for all that you want to achieve and receive; it takes practice to not be impacted by others thoughts, judgments, considerations, points of view or energy!

So, when you come together as a couple, as a partnership, a team, a family, you will need to have discussions on whose doing what, when, where and how, so that others can be aware of what’s going on. Yeah? Pretty standard stuff for relationships….I mean, I can’t just book a weekend away and leave my kids without having made sure that Hub’s is of the understanding that he’s on kid duty that weekend. So, discussions have to be had, and so should they be.

But what about when those discussions aren’t what they appear to be? What if, on the surface they appear to one thing, and on another level, are something else entirely?

What if, when he’s saying yes, that’s okay….what if that’s not what he truly means? What if the energy of his words is aligned more with a NO and he looks like, sounds like he’s in agreeance, yet the energy of his convictions is aligned with a NO?

This is the realisation I came to today!

That it was more than just the words being spoken, and truth is, energy workers, healers, intuitive(s) and the like, know this, but we too are simply human beings and require to do the work, reassess, revaluate, process and clear too.
So, again, it’s more than just the words used in conversations, it’s the energy! And fark(!) that energy can be strong!

It’s potent energy, and the potency of an energetic NO, when you are not in the full and complete awareness of your being, is as sneaky and sticky as those darn Cobblers Peg’s that fill our unattended gardens!

We are not always aware of it, of the energy at play, the energetic manipulation that sees one playing more to the other, but it happens! It most certainly happens regardless of whether you are aware of it or not.

So, what if the energy is a resounding NO before the words are eventually spoken? What if his energy stay’s in that NO, radiating, emitting it out to the universe for the universe to conspire and co-create into being for you?

What if?

So, for someone like me, who loves to be in awareness and right what’s wrong with this ship so that we can continue to grow and expand and experience life in better, brighter, bolder ways, getting to the bottom of what’s occurring with my finances right now was important. It was important because it didn’t match.
It simply didn’t sit right with me that I was CHOOSING to absolutely do things, and yet my finances were dwindling away right before my eyes. How could it be that I was a resounding YES for attending events and creating financial strain at the same time? What was I missing?; side note, this is a reoccurring financial theme!

The energy! I was missing the energy!!

My exploration has allowed me see that the energy of NO came through despite the words spoken, and it impacted my being, my YES energy, and ultimate, the co-creative and responsive energy of the universe to support my YES!

My exploration allowed me to see, that as much work as I had done, as much awareness I was in, I was still being impacted by the underlying NO energy, way before the words were actually spoken to me; weeks before!

My exploration allowed me to see, that it was the energy of the NO that permitted the universe to make sure that what was showing up for us was in agreeance of the NO. It was the energy of the NO that seeped into my being, contradicting my YES, questioning my YES, tangling and distorting my YES, until it simply looked like the universe was not supporting my YES and I just couldn’t see why!

But now I see!

Now I see that it was not discounting my YES. The universe was not telling me I couldn’t have what I’ve asked for, that I couldn’t go where I wanted to go or achieve what I wanted to achieve. The universe and I (I’ve got to own it!) was aligning with the big FAT NO energy and making it happen…..FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!~!

So WOW, when you step out of others energy and detach from ALL points of view, judgments, considerations and so forth, it allows you to move into the space of awareness, of knowing. And it is this space that is light, it’s freeing, and it’s also tiring.
And tiring, my friends, is a good sign because it’s melting my limitations around that, and whilst I still have some processing around that to do, at least now I can see more clearly the CHOICE that I have and how I can flip this financial bitch on her head and draw into me and being any amount of MONEY I choose from any and all directions wherever and whenever it may be!!!!

So guess what people? Guess what universe? BRING IT! Bring it on! Bring on the money. Bring on the opportunity. Bring it on, whatever it is that I am asking for and clear the limitations of residual or resounding NO energy, especially when it’s not mine! ?


With Love & Blessings,
Gemma Rose Green,
Raw & Real Goddess

P.S. Sharing this with you today because I’m not the only one who needs this knowing today ?

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Author: Gemma Rose Green is a Psychic Intuitive Holistic Healer, focusing on the mind, body, soul and spirit, & a Badass Life Coach, with a passion for family & generational healing. She is also an Author, Writer, Creator & Witch, dedicated to inspiring a healing revolution from within, promoting self & generational healing, through the power of voice & communication, accountability & acceptance.