Validation. What many spiritual types won’t tell you, or perhaps even admit to themselves, is what you’re about to have revealed to you in an honest, raw & real way through the words expressed in this article. But, before you go any further…take a breathe. Close your eyes. Open your heart. Become willing to explore and express in ways that are potentially, brand new to you.

Now, read on.


I feel like, on some level, on all levels, like I require, no, like I NEED, validation from the outside world, today.

Yes. I am emotional. Yes, my emotions are coming in to my body and being, as nothing and everything all at the same time. But, yes, what these waves of emotions seem to be illuminating within my awareness, is that it’s all about validation. Requiring. No. NEEDING, validation in my personal life and choices, in my professional life and choices, in any and all life and choice arena’s. 


Now, we all know that true validation comes, and can only come, from the self. Self validation supports that deep inner knowing and acceptance of who you are and what you do. Self validation is loving one’s self so deeply, so intimately, so purely, that external non-validations barely register within ones being.



The truth of being human is, that we also require validation from external sources. AND. It’s a healthy part of being human! 

Validation from external sources promotes within our bodies, our beings, our hearts and our minds, a sense of healing. It promotes senses of being heard, of being valued, of being recognised and of being in and on this planet, together; UNITY! 

External validation also encourages us to keep going, to keep moving forward, onward and upward in whatever life experiences and decisions we wish to imbue into our physical and practical lives. 


Of course, if we are seeking external validations from outside of ourselves constantly and as a means of driving the direction or shape of our lives, then yes, this an unhealthy and potentially detrimental approach to your existence. But, to deny that we, on any level, require those outsourced and evidentiary types of validation is a spiritual untruth, blinkered and veiled in ways that only disguise the truth rather than support you thriving in life. Thriving environments are not supported by unattainable beliefs and or beliefs that sound good but aren’t the FULL or complete truth. And this is where we are at, today. Accepting the WHOLE TRUTH of validation.


Validation is; whether through sisterhood conversations, counselling methods, feedback or expressions of gratitude from those in your life; a very natural human requirement, a natural expression of empathy, compassion and gratitude, and a very natural way of encouraging, supporting and uplifting those around you. 


Seeking a little validation outside of yourself, is not a far cry from being on the same level as seeking signs, supports and directions from spirit or the universe. Seeking, and we all do it, directions from the universe, asking for signs from spirit, seeking to be heard or asking for kind words from those around, these are all methods of validation from external sources. Whilst they may not be the ‘be all, end all’ of your existence, they certainly can go a long way toward encouraging your next steps, supporting your next moves or propelling your forward, onward and upward in your life path. They all support your self esteem by ensuring that feel noticed in your existence in family, community, society and this big planet we call our home.


Validation. It’s not good or bad. We can seek it to an unhealthy extreme, or we can ensure that we give it and receive from times, places and spaces of love, and in doing so, ensure that we are both giving and receiving in balance, peace and harmony.



Let’s stop pretending that we don’t NEED validating from external sources, because we do, and it is healthy for our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Let’s smash the illusion that it’s not spiritually right to be seeking validation from anywhere outside of ourselves, and instead, ask for it show up in kind and supportive ways that will encourage us, help us and support us, on walking our chosen paths, whatever they may be, or shifting us to healthy, more direct routes. Or more simply put, allow us to know that we are seen.

Let’s be sure sure that we offer physical types of validation to those we do see, hear, value and appreciate.

And finally, let’s accept and embody the WHOLE TRUTH of validation. When we do this, and do so with without any hang-ups, the love for ourselves will naturally grow and expand into something even more beautiful than it is, today.


 *FREE RESOURCES OF VALIDATION: Thriving Spirit Collective Community – you will always be validated in my thriving community.

Author: Gemma Rose focuses on the heart, mind, body, spirit and soul, as a means to advocating and assisting others in healing in many forms. With over 10 years of experience in working with women, energy sources and spirit, Gemma Rose has evolved her practice to include Self Love Mediumship, Mental Health Advocacy & Support, Holistic Healing, Counselling and Spiritual Mentorship.

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