The power of support is often times beyond our mere mortal comprehension.

Perhaps it’s deeply ingrained within our DNA, coded into the mental recesses of our psyche, or perhaps it’s something that we learn as we grow through life. Whatever it is, it seems well within our nature to believe that we are alone in this world, that we must go it alone, move through things alone, or always do things ourselves.

The thing is though, we are never alone. Not truly alone. There is always someone to reach out to, to connect with, to relate to or to simply be with. There is always someone you can ask for help, for support, and yet somehow we create this illusion for ourselves that we are better off dealing with life on our own.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place, and a tremendous benefit to being in the presence of our own existence and peace, and yet, there is equally a time where connecting with others, raising others or leaning on others is paramount for our survival; soul and physical.

My life experience has included some incredibly tough times, and these were times where I felt most alone and yet now I see the possibilities of having created more ease and flow in my life if only I had reached out for, and cultivated, genuine support systems; if I felt worthy of support!

Age, reflection, personal development and self awareness will bring you to a clearer perspective of your life as it has truly been, and as I close in on my 45th year earthbound, the power of support, of connection to genuine supportive and uplifting people, has become more expansive and crystal clear than ever before.

Support is potent, it is a powerful energy that cultivates oneness of all things, oneness of all people, and it is this potency that makes all the intrinsic and profoundly important differences to our inner health and well-being; how we feel about ourselves!

This year brought me some of the most intense and acute pain I have ever felt, more intense then any of the pain I endured during years of physical and mental abuse or the beautiful pain that is childbirth!

Early this year, my world seemed to open up and swallow me whole as an era ended and life presented shifts and changes in ways that I never knew would impact me so deeply.

I found myself grieving, mourning the loss of the early stages of motherhood, of always having child in tow, and of always having the constant of someone being around me.

I found myself deep in the pain of mourning communities, as they reconciled tragedies, both accidental and purposeful.

And, as if that wasn’t enough for me to reconcile within my own being, the universe decided in its infinite wisdom, to answer my questions around suicide in the most comprehensible way that only an empathic being could understand… letting me experience the mental anguish and emotional pain it took to end a life; a subject for another blog.

This compacted pressure of pain brought me to my knees many times, and the tears, well, I never knew I could cry so much day in and day out. Yet it also brought me to a place of surrender where I was open to experience the potency and power of support like never before.

It turns out that the last few years of consciously creating a tribe of good people around me was an absolute blessing during this time, as it was my tribe of family, friends and acquaintances who ultimately saw me through the darkness.
It was my beautiful tribe who saw my pain, felt my pain, and supported me in beautiful ways to help ease my pain, or at least my transition through it.

My tribe lifted me, they loved me, they heard me, saw me, held me, and they supported me every day that I experienced these growing pains. I lent on them when they offered me their strength. I allowed myself to fall onto and into their supporting arms, and I accepted the many hands that reached out to hold me, to love me, and to see me through.

Out of all that darkness, came the integration of the depth, the power, the potency and impact that support systems have on us as individuals. My understanding of just how integral support systems are to our whole well-being, grew, along with a deepened love and adoration for all who were there for me; genuine connection!

You see, here’s what I know about that time earlier this year; Without the support of my family, my friends and the occasional stranger, I may not have found my way out of the darkness that had cloaked me like a life depleting, monstrosity of a leech. I may not have come out of the darkness and into the light of wisdom of genuine, caring, loving support systems and teams, people and places, as being an essential part of a human nature that we all too often dismiss from our lives. And I may not have reached the depths where I believe in the power of love, in the power of support and in the power of people as much as I do in this moment in time. And that knowing, well, it makes enduring the experience worth it.

Now, I will forever be grateful for the experience, for the knowledge it gave me, the wisdom instilled and the love cultivated during that time.

The power of support, I believe in it, I love it and I choose to live it!



  • It comes in many shapes and forms, yet all is given and received from a genuine heart-space of wanting to see others succeed, blossom, bloom and grow.
  • Support helps you move from one space or moment in time to another by holding you while you deal and process; it is the facilitation of growth beyond your current experience.
  • Always be true to yourself, support others when they require it and when it feels right for you to do so.
  • Give yourself permission to be supported by others.
  • Build your support team in whatever way you can, and please, reach out to community support networks and systems that are already in place to see you through.



Author: Gemma Rose Green is a Psychic Intuitive Holistic Healer, focusing on the mind, body, soul and spirit, & a Badass Life Coach, with a passion for family & generational healing. She is also an Author, Writer, Creator & Witch, dedicated to inspiring a healing revolution from within, promoting self & generational healing, through the power of voice & communication, accountability & acceptance.