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Self Care Journal - Download & Print!

These beautiful journal pages will have you tuning in to your heart and increasing your self care practices in no time!
Simple, yet heartfelt journal pages designed to support you and your self care development, enhancing your journey to self love and tenderness.

As always, there is plenty of space and plenty of prompts to support you self care journey.

Download and print these journal pages as you need them. Bind them in your own A5 or A4 folder system.

1. Download the files.
2. Print the cover file in the size that you require.
3. Print the weekly pages as you require them.
4. Start journalling.

*Print tips:
--> Printing double sided works best and saves paper.
--> Print cover pages once and add weekly pages in between the front and back cover pages.
--> Print what you need - additional blank journal pages can be printed as you require them...double sided printing is best.

Files included in this purchase:

1 x Self Care Journal Full Cover - A4 Size.
1 x Self Care Journal - A4 Size.
1 x Self Care Journal Full Cover - A5 Size.
1 x Self Care Journal - A5 Size.

Download & Print Version is PDF Only.

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