​Whilst watching a Super Soul Session talk by Michael Bernard Beckwith an interesting thought occurred to me. Now, I’m not saying that Beckwith’s talk, although inspiring, inspired this self awareness epiphany as his talk was not really relevant to my thought, however one must acknowledge that an opening, a softening, a connection of some kind allowed this divine thought to come through as I immersed in his presence.
“I was drawn to magick as a young girl, as a way to change my world. As an external source to change or create my world.”
​Hmm, what an interesting thought right? For all the reasons that it may sound right, that statement, that thought, presented me with such profound wisdom that I finally understood a lifetime of living, of perceptions, of choices….and it all came back to ‘powerless.’
I wrote about feeling powerless in an earlier blog called, ‘Feeling Powerless’, so I am no stranger to this dance, to overcoming the obstacle of feeling powerless, however, today’s epiphany crystallized my entire being and opened up a whole new world of opportunity to me.
​You see, with today’s thought I was whisked back to a time, to the first time I could remember praying to god and asking for help. Whisked back to the first time I called upon angels, to the first time I wanted to practice magick, to the first time I drew on crystals or healing, on spirits or other energy sources. I was whisked back through my entire life and it hit me like a lightening bolt from the mighty Zeus, that none of it transpired, none of my gifts, none of my requests for help, none of my magick really transpired into anything substantial because I was looking to an external source to make things happen. I had extremely limited ‘personal life creator or co-creator responsibility.’
In my mind I was powerless, always powerless.
​With this deeper more profound understanding of myself I can openly admit that I was totally unaware of my lack of self responsibility for creating my life throughout, well, for the most part of my life and bar the past 5 or 6 years. I believed it was in the hands of the creator.
​I now see that I was powerless because I didn’t believe in the essence of my being responsible for all of me, for my power, and my time on earth. I guess, as silly as it may sound, I once believed that the external force of power was so much greater than I, that I couldn’t possibly be the one to effect my life, god had to be, the goddess had to be, the angels had to be, magick or faeries had to be….anything else had to be but me.
I didn’t understand before today that I handed all, ALL, of my power to external sources; metaphysically, spiritually or physically.
​Today’s expression of divine wisdom creates a self understanding that I had been born into this world with the innate obstacle of ‘powerless’. Yes I experienced many situations where I was powerless, I experienced a deluge of situations where I felt powerless actually, both on the physical and the spiritual realms, and it is only today that I see that this powerlessness is (was) a part of my soul agreement.
​There is no mystery now, I know part of my soul purpose in this lifetime has been to claim my power, to reclaim my power by living, learning, understanding and overcoming the aspect of feeling powerless.
A soul agreement to live, to learn, to overcome ‘powerless’.
​So amazing it is to really solidify into my being, my every fibre, that there is no external force that creates change, that creates my life, it is and always has been a force within myself. Whilst there is an external source, an intangible power that creates life or guides it’s manifestation, an intangible energy that we can connect to, draw upon and co-create with, we must understand that that power also lies within each of us from the time that we arrive earth side. And, it is that understanding that I am no different from the source that allows me to forgive my past of powerless living and embrace the power of creation with all my grace and womanly glory.
It is within me, the power, the source.
I am that I am the source of all creation.
You are that you are, the source of all creation.
We are that we are the source of all creation.

*Note: The work has been and always is constant; it was an epiphany today that lit the way, yet it was every moment of swimming in the depths of my soul that lead me to the light.
Tips on understanding your soul specific journey a little more deeply:
Take a look at your life, from your first memory. Discover those things that have been so prominent in every aspect of your living. Discover the reoccurring themes. Connect the dots and the associations. Understand what you have moved through on a regular basis by diving into the depths of it’s existence.

  • When did it start?
  • Where did it start?
  • What roll did I/do I play?
  • ​What is the purpose or intention of this struggle?
With love and inspiration,
Gemma Rose Green is a soul intuitive, writer, healer and soulful spirit of truth and love. She is the founding member of the Raw and Real Goddess movement and is the ‘Medium in The Making.’ Gemma Rose is story teller of life as she lives it, an ocean goddess, a communicator to spirit and soul, and an inspiring force of love and acceptance. www.gemmarosegreen.com.au