In this day and age I’ve been a little more vocal on political and social issue’s than in previous life. My reasoning for this is because as we move through an incredible time period of absolute change of life as it was with a pandemic sweeping our world, I know that I have the ability to help ease the pain of isolation, the stress and strain of change and the struggles that have been coming up for so many.


Right now, one of the main targets at the fore of my contemplation’s, is schooling. Schooling, coupled with isolation, coupled with going back to school, coupled with an understanding of second waves effects.


Let’s Begin With Education At Home

I have four children at home, all of which are now learning from home either online or offline via school packs. I have two high school children, one in year 9 and one studying year 11. My two youngest, are studying at a year 2 level and a year 6 level. In conjunction with my four school children, I am studying for a Diploma in Mental Health, at TAFE, which also means I have online learning classes 2 days a week.

Educating and schooling at home is now a LARGE part of lives, and I am so grateful that we had 2 weeks of school holidays. But, we are back in the full swing of things again, seemingly with more work loads, but a wealth of opportunity for me to grasp a comprehensive understanding of what’s involved and how others are feeling about. So, not only is my following perspective and advise coming through to you as a parent, it is also coming through to you as spiritual being and an advocate for self care, family care and doing what feels right for you and yours, even if it goes against the grain.



  • Don’t stress! Do what you can and know that that IS good enough.
  • Guidelines! Please, do not feel like you have to get it all the work done! There is a workload, yes, guidelines if you will, but you don’t have to do it all, and you certainly don’t have to kill yourself or your kids just to ‘get the work done’. Please, just choose to do what is right for you and your family and don’t worry about anything else.
  • Larger Workload? If you are one of those parents who feels like there’s a bit more listed in this terms learning schedule, refer to the above two points and CHOOSE what your children do. Be flexible.
  • Be Flexible! Times like these call for so much flexibility, even through TAFE there is more flexibility and leeway not only in the way teachings are provided, but also in the marking. Flexibility is a must for all of us.
  •  Do What’s Right For You! My most passionate piece of encouragement, is for you all to do what’s right for you and your family. Choose to do what feels right and or what feels good to you and your family. Yes, there is a level of responsibility to be had, but you must understand that our safety matters, which is why we are learning from home, and our sanity matters as equally so. 
  • They Will Be Okay! Your children will be okay. If you’re not pushing, if your doing all that you can, and if everyone is safe and happy, than your children will be more than okay once school resumes it’s normal weekly routines.

High School Children – A little more on high schoolers. Self management should well and truly be underway…at least for year 9 and up. With technology the way it is, there is no real reason your high school child should feel left behind. The mode of learning is different, yet just as effective. Teachers are available to answer questions and help students when they don’t understand.

I know that our high school providers are going above and beyond to ensure that our children are plugged in and learning.

As for year 11. By that stage, self management and self learning capabilities should require no interference from you unless your child needs your help. We don’t feel that our year 11 boy’s learning is suffering in any way. We don’t feel that he is missing out on anything and nor does he.

The only thing that’s missing is the social interaction. But again, if they are struggling, reach out to the services that are still available to assist them and you. Find your way to work out what’s best for you and your child/children, and do that.


Back To School? One Day A Week….

 For me, this is where things get a little more interesting….back to school, but for only one day a week.

Australia has, despite getting off to shaky and chaotic beginnings, fared reasonably well in managing to flatten the curve and decrease the impact of this pandemic. There is still room for ease and grace around this though, and I feel if we jumped back in to normal life too fast, a second wave will be imminent with potentially more devastating results. 

Our family discussed this at length, looking back at history, and weighing up what ultimately felt right for us to do. Of course, husband and I came to the mutual decision, but it was nice to hear all of children concur with the ‘need to hold back’ a little, to hang back a little and see what unfolds.

To Go Back Or Not? If this feels right for you and your family to do, then please do. Trust in your knowingness of what’s right for you and your family.

If there is a part of you that is not comfortable with sending your child back to school just yet, please know that you do not have to send your child to school one day a week just because you’ve been told we can do that.

Schools will provide a level of leeway for this also….we have spoken to ours….so essentially, everything ties back to doing what feels right for you and what feels right for your family. Nothing else matters!


Message From Spirit:

“There are copious amounts of combative energies flying too freely at present. Take a breath. Breathe into your being. Breathe into your energy, and feel your way through this time of change, this time of becoming. We want you to ask yourself, “what am I becoming? In this time of great change, what am I becoming?” This will help ease your body and your mind during this time.

There is not much more that we can presently say, but we will say this; The time for change is far from over. Do not hasten the course for the course is required to run of it’s own accord. The only thing that you can do in this time and space, is manage yourself as responsibility and as safely as you deem necessary for you and your being, and you and your clan. Utilise the breath to connect in with your own spirit, with your own energy, and allow that to be your guiding force during this time, not what you’re reading, seeing, hearing or even experiencing.

There will come a time for challenging what is, because even in this time of becoming, some are becoming in ways that are still unsightly and it will be this time and space that will allow the challenging of injustices like passed policies and laws to be rapidly reversed, if not reprimanded. So do not even get caught up in that. Just focus on you. Focus on connecting with yourself, on feeling and doing what’s in your best interests, in the best interests of those around you, and trust in your knowingness.”


If you seek any support and assistance during this time, please reach out to those around you, to people like myself who can advocate for your wellness, to those who can assist in creating ease in your life during this time. 

Nothing else matters but your safety and your sanity.

 Author: Gemma Rose Green has been working with energy and spirit for over 10 years now; working with spirit, nature and universal energies.
She is an Intuitive Energy Healer ~ Empath ~ Psychic ~ Medium ~ Witchy Woman ~ Mother.

Gemma specialises in generational and ancestral energy work, promoting and facilitating change for the past, present & future.
Gemma Rose Green is also an Author, Writer, Creator.