The weaving’s of the mind, as delicate as they may be, sit within the mind creating belief, and once that belief sets in, the heart then holds those thoughts, providing a safe house for your belief’s. That energy you created with your thoughts in the mind, which built into more potent energy sitting in the heart, then begins to move into your physical body, creating unsettled energy, a physical ailment or illness.
Your Mind Transfers To Your Heart Transfers To Your Body
So when we take a spiritual path (let’s call it that for simplicity) to creating a more loving, peaceful, authentic, harmonised and healthy existence, we really need to be aware that ‘doing the work’, requires us to work on these three aspects, these three levels of our existence. 
*Retraining the brain, breaking down the ego in order to create, generate, more positive thought energy.
*Opening the heart to feeling, receiving and giving more love and compassion.
*Being aware of the physical signs and feelings that have been etched into your body so that you understand where to heal and transform on a physical level.
This concept was really solidified into my core today as my heart felt compassion and love, my mind was positive and accepting and yet, my solar plexus (stomach) region was twisting and turning in a knot of energy which eventually created confusion as it began to influence my mind.​
This experience was evidence to me that improving two out of three aspects wasn’t good enough to break old patterns, behaviours or habits. All three, mind, heart and body, needed to be in alignment in order to be fully empowered, loving and accepting. If not, no matter whether it’s the mind, the body or the heart, the struggle to full acceptance and love continues.​
​So remember that the mind, the heart and the body must be in alignment to complete the balance and wholeness of living in love, peace and harmony. And, when you recognise that one is not, do the work! Get to the nitty gritty of it all and create the balance.
​This Is What I Live,
This Is What I Love.
Breaking Down The Barriers,
And Old Belief’s To Live Anew
In Love, Peace, Harmony.
With love and inspiration,
Gemma Rose Green is a soul intuitive, writer, healer and soulful spirit of truth and love. She is the founding member of the Raw and Real Goddess movement and is the ‘Medium in The Making.’ Gemma Rose is story teller of life as she lives it, an ocean goddess, a communicator to spirit and soul, and an inspiring force of love and acceptance.