Life will have us moving and shifting, shaping and becoming, on our paths of journeying and in our unique and special ways, at any and all times throughout our lives.

We all have our special minefields, laced with sensitive information that trigger explosive responses within our bodies, our beings, our hearts, our minds, and, or, all four simultaneously.

We can be moving through life, all fabulous and free, only to be suddenly smacked with an irrational response to life. What we do, whether it’s work or study or play, can have minefields at the ready, just waiting for us to step on and become undone in bloodied messes of snot, sweat and tears.

But it’s not really undone, is it? It is, instead, a path of healing. It is a response set free for recognition (even further recognition in some cases), for processing, for healing and for release. What we so often view of as our unravelling, is effectively our clearing out of cellular, energetic, mental and ancestral trauma so that we become something more than we have been; simply put, we take another step in being able to manage our responses and reactions to particular surroundings, events and experiences, with more grace and eventually more ease.


Becoming More Than Our Traumas & Triggers Is Continuous.


It maybe a sad or disheartening fact, but it is true, my friends. As we move through and process and heal our wounds, we simply become better equipped to handle them for the next time that we have an opportunity to be responsive. We can shift energy and create change on our cellar makeup, dissolving and dissipating residual build up of trauma’s and wounds, yes, but the truth is it never fully goes away. That level of healing is sent forward as time and generations come into being where the ‘story’ and it’s impact no longer exists.

Looking at part of my story….

I grew up with domestic family violence in our childhood home. I eventually found myself in a domestically violent relationship for a number of years in my late teens, early, to mid twenties. And, I experienced domestic family violence from one of my grown children.

My journey, therefore, has been inclusive of healing the trauma and wounds from all forms of domestic violence experienced. It has been one of clearing the energy and residual impacts, and it has been one dedicated to ensuring that cycle stops with me and doesn’t move forward with my remaining children.

We’ve ended the cycle, (YES!) and yet my children may well still experience some residual spikes or triggers as their bodies and energies still know of the impacts of domestic violence.
As each new generation comes into being though, this will decrease and decrease and decrease until it is essentially, non-existent (setting aside views on past lives just for now).


Minefields & Triggering The Landmines.


A major part of our spiritual growth and holistic wellbeing, is coming into those spaces of self awareness where we know who we are and how we operate in this world. We know our triggers. We know what we like. What we don’t like. We know how cope or don’t cope with situations and we know how best to positively manage and maintain our being.

Yet being self-aware is not a ‘get out minefield’ free card. Instead, it is knowing what’s going on within your body and being, and doing your best to ride the shock-wave until it wears itself out. And that, my friends is sometimes all that you can do…ride it until it’s done.


Triggered by Mental Health…

 At the beginning of this year I dove head first into studying for a diploma in Mental Health; an important addition to my spiritual being and my business, no doubt. I have been a constant advocate for mental health and wellbeing being everyone’s business…at least, everyone who has a mind, anyway😜…for a long time, now.

With lots of learning involved, including in advocacy and collaboration to support individuals in their journey’s, there is a myriad of assessment tasks to move through to show your competency around Mental Health. And this is where the mental health minefields begin to activate…when you dive into a field that is so incredibly diverse and expansive and inclusive, and they begin to touch you personally.

A few weeks ago we (class) began exploring systems advocacy, a fancy term for fighting for change, which is a great topic for change-makers to sink their teeth into. Am I change maker? I like to think I am, but after this one…although I have the skill, I don’t necessarily have the constitution for it. 

Banded with 3 other intelligent specimens, Domestic Family Violence & Covid-19 became our topic of interest to dissect, disseminate and deliver adequate information and strategies on.

At first glance, no biggy. It’s an important aspect to look at especially with social restrictions and isolation rules leaving many children in homes that aren’t conducive to their health and safety.

Except, it turned into a biggy, for me, and for those around me. As I dove into researching, I discovered my minefield…Rosie & Luke Batty.

With every attempt to type their names, I knew. With every image I saw of them, I faltered. With every word I read, I trepidly stepped on landmine after landmine after landmine.

I was blindsided by my own trauma and wounds opening up. I was shaken by the tears, by the pain, by the anger. And not just a day here in there in a three week journey. No. Every, single, day, of the assessment being compiled.

I did what I had to do complete my specific assessment tasks, but every day, I faltered as my body and being processed and purged. Even if I wasn’t working on it, I faltered.

I was aware of what was happening, yet that didn’t ease it. 

I acknowledged what was happening, but that didn’t ease it.

I moved, I existed, I experienced. And that is all that I could do; Allow the process to run it’s course.

And I digress. Sometimes it is about landing in that minefield, setting off landmine after landmine, and riding the shock-waves until they, themselves, wear out.

For me, and just like that, the second I hit the submit button on the final pieces of my assessment, my shock-waves wore out. My body lightened. My being began to clear. And I knew that ride was over. I knew that minefield was clear, that landmines were no longer in existence. I knew the process, this time, was complete.


The Best You Can Do For Yourself, Is To Keep On Stepping.


So know this, dear friends and goddesses unleashed; When you step into that minefield, it is not about cautiously manoeuvring past as many as you can, but rather, set off what you are willing to in order to see yourself grow, expand and become, something more than you were 5 minutes ago. So be brave. Walk your path. Know yourself. And love all of who you are, through the good, the bad, the ugly, the muddy and beautiful.

 Author: Gemma Rose Green is the Raw & Real Goddess! She has been working with energy and spirit for over 10 years now; working with spirit, nature and universal energies. 
Gemma is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Empath, Psychic, Medium, Witchy Woman, Mother, Author & Creator.
In working with Gemma, you benefit from an inspired healing revolution through the adaptation and embodiment of individualised holistic health and well-being approaches.

Together, we can unleash the goddess within!