Exploring Personal Truths
I am becoming quite the well adapted soul when it comes to exploring my personal belief’s, truths, innate thought patterns and behaviours. I believe so deeply that the key to a profound self awareness is to be open to questioning and exploring things as much as we can.

Sometimes yes, this can prove to be difficult, we can be stubborn little beings at times, yet here’s the thing; If you can question, explore and look at a belief for example, until all questions, explorations and possibilities are exhausted, then you have grown in one of two ways. You will either have strengthened your belief insurmountably, or, you will have opened yourself to a fresh new belief that resonates with you more deeply. Either way its a win win situation.

Being A Stick In The Mud Does Not Inspire Deeper Connections or Personal  Growth.
My journey of personal mentoring this year with Margaret Ioannadis from Spiritess has lead me so deep into the realms of knowing myself and growing from the personal wisdom held within my being. This week I am being guided to connect in more deeply with myself, to up the anti and the actions leading me to my dreams of successful being, living and working, and part of me doing that for myself, is sitting with an intuitively drawn card from Gabrielle Bernstein’s new ‘The Universe Has My Back’ cards.

What I drew this morning, which has lead to the need to explore deeper, is a card with the message “I AM A Spirit Having A Human Experience And I’m Here To Get Closer To Love.”
As I read the message I could feel something within me question the truth of that statement. Something didn’t feel ‘right’ about it today, which is unusual as I have held this belief for a number of years now.

Having the feelings of uncertainty raise up within me is a definite sign that action needed to take place to unearth what I was feeling, and to ultimately either deepen or discount this belief for me; It pays to take notice of the feelings invoked within your being and what they are related to as they are marking the beginning of growth and progress through a deeper understanding and self awareness.

Self Awareness Is The Key To Living With Greater Ease.
So how exactly does one unearth the core of their feelings and explore something enough to adequately deepen or discount what is being put to them? And the reality is, this message of being spirit and getting closer to love was put in front of me today, and for this very reason.

It all begins with understanding how or what you are feeling. You have to tap into those feelings and emotions, thoughts and notions that have come up for you. Understanding them in full is your only way to unearth the rest with a deepened and more profound sense of core being; if you can’t see it or feel it all, how can you get to the central core being of it and what it all means for you?
After tapping into your feelings and thoughts, open yourself up to the explorations of why you are feeling ‘it’, why are you feeling that way, where is it coming from? And follow up with even more questions; that nagging ‘but why’ question is a good one to lead you deeper and deeper and deeper still. Writing is the best method to really get in and unearth the absolute truth of what you are feeling, yet, it is the amount of work and effort that you are willing to put into something that yields appropriate results.
Feeling your way through all that has come to light, rereading, continued exploring, and checking in with how you feel within your body and using it to solidify or redefine your personal truth is the final step. And how do you know that you have reached that final step of acceptance or redefining? You will feel a sense of ease with your body, a peacefulness or contentedness that you knowingly accept your personal truth.

Sensing Where It’s Coming From And What It’s All About Is Your Best Option of Exploration.
As I sit within the realms of exploring the message “I AM A Spirit Having A Human Experience And I’m Here To Get Closer To Love” the unease that I am feeling is more within the realms of my head, my mind, the place of ego.
This raises for me the understanding that I also tapped into the need to spend time soothing my ego side during my morning ritual of self love mirror work more than the spiritual or soul side of self; an interesting story for another day.

So all things are pointing to the fact that my ego is getting in the way of my truly feeling this as a part of my truth today, and that this is the direction that I am needing to take my exploration to unearth a greater truth for myself.
To do this, I took myself to my place of solace, to the beach, and I was so grateful that my Sam found a place where the waters had pooled, being refilled as the waves came washing in at cooling intervals, and all he wanted to do was stand there with his little feet immersed as he watch the ocean.
Standing side by side with my little Sam-man, peering out to sea, watching the whales breach the surface, too far for us to see the whales themselves, but close enough for us to see the splashes, I contemplated, questioned, explored, and the more I explored it, the more I understood that my disruption to this belief is caused by my ego. However, there is a sense of practicality coming in too that I am yet to discover what to do with.

With my questioning and exploring I discovered that my ego kicked up with this message today because ego-gem doesn’t want to take the next step in levelling up on the human consciousness and active co creation scale. Ego-gem doesn’t want me to acknowledge that I am spirit today, she wants to keep me in the so called safe zone of being ‘comfortable’ where I am.
As I write, I’m having a little chuckle to myself because ego-gem cannot prevent this level up. On the personal responsibility for my life scale, I am so far up there at the moment that I know there is absolutely no excuse for not doing the work to get me to where I want to be. And if there is, they are only excuses, excuses used to be prevent the growth, excuses borne out of the ego’s need to keep one where they are.

Inner Work Requires Active Work To See It All Integrate.
As I feel into the practicality of it, I am feeling that this is coming from a belief that connections to other spirit beings, to spirit, to each other, must be easier than what they are…all spirit, all connected, therefore communicating with spirit or soul shouldn’t necessarily be as difficult as it is…should it?
And with that question I feel the wisdom come in that it’s about loosening the grip of the ego; all connected see; and that the more spiritually and consciously self aware one becomes, and the less ego orientated of course, the closer we get to our own true sense of spirit, to the universal connection of source.
​What is the true sense of spirit, of source energy? Love. Just love. There is nothing else but love until ego fruits within our being, and the more we are driven by ego, the further away from love we get.

So dear friends, the truth is, that I AM a spirit having a human experience and I am here to get closer to love. My goal this week is to love my ego out of the way. This will ensure that I am indeed getting closer to love and to my true spirit, and it will create a new level of self awareness and conscious co-creation and living, and an even deeper connection to spirit itself.

All roads of exploration lead me to one thing, ego, and all roads of exploration lead me to understanding and fortifying my personal truth; I am a spiritual being having a human experience, and love is, and always has been, the key.

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Gemma Rose Green, is the Raw & Real Goddess, passionately and courageously advocating love and truth by inspiring full acceptance and expression of genuine authentic selves. She is a Soul Intuitive, Energy Reader & Healer, Author, Mentor & Spirit Sensitive who embodies truth and love, and whose passion and purpose is a wonderful multifaceted gem of embracing the heart, the soul, the sea, the divine feminine, and the juiciness of raw and real living. ​​