Grass roots revival……self love is making a come back!

Wow, wow, wow! You never really know where life is going to take you, and then one day, bam, you wake up and your there…in this new place, this new wilderness, primed and ready to consciously tackle the next phase of your journey.

Well, that’s me today. Ready to tackle what the new ways of mastering Self Love. Ready, yet totally in awe of the fact that I wasn’t aware that I had more to do here with Self Love, mastering more of it for myself, and imparting that wisdom through my teachings and healing practices.

As I write today, I am aware that for us here in the land down under, it is Sunday, #SoulfulSunday in my @EnergyWorks Community, and it would seem that Self Love kind of snuck up on me like a little thief in the night, stealing away some of my physical mobility so that I could be still enough to listen, to hear, to absorb, what has been going on around me….because, well, I had been so rudely ignoring the messages, the guidance, the signs that were showing up for a couple of weeks 😉

So the universe slaps me with me with a little pain, a little struggle, in order to challenge me to seeing what I was missing and I spend the entire weekend drawn to Self Love and I’m quite literally feeling like a grass roots revival is underway ?

Let me take you back in time a little, just for a little moment, so that you follow on with my little tale with ease……….

My fully thrusted investment into the world of spirituality began full throttle in 2009 when I moved from ‘outback’ NSW to a quaint coastal region of the state.

My worked at the time began with and completely centred around the ocean, seashells and crystals, with much of my healing being sent out via jewellery and magical tools.

In the later stages of 2013, early 2014, I was propelled into a massive journey….a SELF LOVE journey. This journey was of course a very personal one. It took immense effort, dedication, courage, commitment and consistency. And I showed up for myself day after day after day after day to achieve a level of Self Love that I had never experienced, never gave to myself, ever before.

Although it was for extremely personal reasons, journeying with Self Love also lead me to where I am today with my work, with the way I motivate and inspire others, and of course, with how I facilitate my healing practice and methods. Self Love bore the Raw & Real Goddess, it grew here out of the mud, out of the murky waters, and allowed her (me) to unfurl and blossom in brilliant, confident, vibrant ways that showed others it was more than okay to love yourself exactly as you are, in all that you, and still aspire to be the best you can each and every day…..even if that looked and felt like shit.

Without Self Love there would be no, Raw & Real Goddess!

Now, as we move through time, space and the Self Love continuum, we integrate levels of Self Love and endeavour to continue to develop our practices. We integrate Self Love maintenance more and more into our general self care regimes because we not only know that we are worth it, but we also know that it sustains us throughout the course of interacting with other people; Self Love enhances our relationship with ourselves and our relationships with others. And although we develop and integrate and expand, we never reach that ‘fully enlightened being’ stage with Self Love or any other spiritual practice…..I mean, how could we? We’d have to be dead to be fully enlightened, right?

The Self Love journey, and all life journey’s, is about moving through cycles of growth and expansion continuously until the day we die, meaning we are always a work in progress, and always will be if we choose to grow in self awareness to create something better of and for ourselves……and for those around us.

This weekend I was thrusted into a space where I have had to soften my thoughts and feelings around my body so that I could give her the Self Love she required to heal…not the Self Love I thought was looking after, nurturing and nourishing my body. This meant that rather than do my usual weekend Self Love and care practices, I was forced to do it in a different way. I was forced to be STILL!

Now, I’m not very good at sitting still when my body goes down and my mind is fully plugged in and active. The only time I’m okay with it is if I mentally choose it 😀 so it’s not always easy for me to see or hear what’s really going on within my body or around me energetically, when the stillness is thrust upon me in disruptive and debilitating ways. Essentially it came down to a choice….continue to wallow around in self pity which is potentially destructive, or see it from a space of love and recognise it for what it truly is…….a cry out for a more developed Self Love!

When the universe slaps us with such jolt, it is often because we are not ‘getting it’ in the first place, or the tenth place, or the hundredth place we’ve been shown, and the truth with Self Love is that it is required to be cultivated through some challenging times and struggles throughout our lives as this is one of the ways we can develop that deeper, more sustaining and or substantial Self Love.

It’s been all about Self Love for me this weekend…..and it feels like a revival of my grass roots. This part of who I am, this job that I joyfully do, this life that I joyfully create, began with the Self Love journey and I am being profoundly reminded of it right now.

So how does one come to know what’s truly going on with their bodies and energies, and where the energy and guidance of the universe is taking them, showing them?

For me, I feel it’s like this……..

If I were to have looked honestly at some of my thoughts and actions, verbal interactions and fear that have been popping up and out through the past two weeks, I would have recognised that Self Love was not playing a large part. If I had payed attention I would have come to know that the path of Self Love is beckoning to me for further mastery. Instead, my physical body began rejecting the idea’s, the notions, the b/s from others (even those around me ?) and from myself which was the only way she knew how to step in and show me the way to Self Love and cultivating a deeper appreciation of it within my being, which of course, cultivates a deeper love within those around me and within my practice.

Want to know more about your own grass roots revival this month?

Whilst grass roots revivals is not about Self Love for every one of us, they are about tapping into that energy, that journey, that process, that lead you to where you are today, because within that, there are aspects that can be implemented back into your everyday life and back into your spiritual ways of being, doing and creating, that will expand you toward fuller productivity. Service becomes more supportive, success flows with effective and efficient ease. You get back to yourself while still moving forward which can only enhance where you are, where you are going, and your contribution in this world and within your business or professional life.

So ask yourself these questions to inspire insight and awareness dropping in for you:

– Where did it all begin?
– What lead me to where I am today?
– Where does my grass roots lie?
– What does getting back to me look like, and how can I use that to propel me forward in my endeavours even more so, now?

And remember, you are not being asked to go back to who you were, what you once were, how you once were or what you what once did….you are being asked to bring some of the more beneficial aspects forward, into the now, for reviving, for revitalising and for contributing to your growth and expansion in more brilliant and brighter ways than ever before.


Author: Gemma Rose Green is a Psychic Intuitive Holistic Healer, focusing on the mind, body, soul and spirit, & a Badass Life Coach, with a passion for family & generational healing. She is also an Author, Writer, Creator & Witch, dedicated to inspiring a healing revolution from within, promoting self & generational healing, through the power of voice & communication, accountability & acceptance.