Guess what darling hearts?
I am blogging it today with some free writing from soul, for the soul, for my soul.
It is time I feel, to share with you my absolute favourite way to explore my being, to release, to heal, to capture, to create and to discover, more of my own soulful spirit, where I am and where I’m headed.
~Writing From Soul Creates Shifts of Awareness~
Free writing from soul is what I call picking up a pen and paper, or having keyboard at the ready, and tapping, typing or writing; writing with no direction, without real purpose, without real intent. Free writing from soul is simply writing from a space of allowance, of freedom, and allowing words, sentences, phrases, paragraphs, to flow out on to paper or screen and form as they will.
I hold no notion of anything making sense. I hold no notion that it even means anything. I simply hold the notion that I am allowing whatever needs to come out from within me the opportunity to flow unhindered, unbridled and unjudged.
~When It Flows, It Flows; Allow The Flow~
Those who know me, who know my spirit and deep belief in authentic sharing and transparency, know that sharing my journey through life is something that I do openly with the soul purpose of inspiring others in some way, shape or form. So, now that you know what free writing from soul is for me, and to me, how about I share with you an unbridled version of writing from soul today? And yes, you are going to have to trust that I’m taking in a big, deep, grounding breath in, and allowing the words to flow openly and freely.
*Only corrections made have been spelling.
‘My heart is aching today, aching so painfully from the untruths, from the unauthentic vibes that are floating around our house and home. I am lost and confused and am feeling a sense of inauthenticity creep into my being and I don’t like. I really do not like it. I am a soulful being, a kind hearted, gentle soul who wants the best for everyone, who sees the best in everyone, yet it is everyone who sees not the best in me. I see and feel the room for improvement, both in my inner and outer worlds, yet I am tired of the continuance that self development brings. This year there seems to be no breathing space to accept and enjoy the growth and development as it integrates within my being, as some thing else, some other aspect of personal and self development rises up from the pit of my being and I’m reset on the staring blocks once more. Its so tiresome to reach the ‘end’ only to go back to the start again. And yes, I get that when one thing ends another begins, yet this is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about not getting that breathing space in between saving myself from self esteem nightmares before moving into developing more love and compassion, or developing more empathy for others, or dealing with my money issues or child issues. There is no room to breathe between bloated guts and colds and headaches and other physical ailments. There is no room to breathe, and I need to breathe. I need to find the space to breathe, to set my soul free from the confines of the struggle, of the resistance, of the inner work. Can I do more? Of course I can. I can always do more, we all can, yet a moment to breathe, to enjoy, to really appreciate the integration of health, of wellbeing, of personal inner triumphs before the onset of another dive into the watery depths of self understanding, of self awareness, development and growth, is not too much to ask for…or maybe it is? Maybe it is too much to ask for because this year is all about getting the shit dealt with so that I can soar unhindered from the mess of my darkest shadows next year when I am freer throughout each day to do more of what I love and enjoy……hmmm, now that’s soul food for thought.’
~Soul Has Spoken, To Me, Through Me, For Me~
Short soulful flows of free writing like that above, are soul words that would generally go directly into my journal, and once they have flowed out, after connecting with what my soul has risen for me to see, I would take a moment to reread what has come up, which generally invokes a deep emotional response, before beginning to really explore and feel what it all means to me or for me.
So in this instance I would explore what this year and my healing journey has looked like in more depth, and I would strike up a soul conversation with my soul-self asking for clarity, seeking ways to improve how I’m feeling, seeking further guidance on creating breathing spaces and even take the time to find out how to actually get right with the intensity of my personal healing and development this year; acceptance.
~Within The Stillness, Feel The Answers~
Yes, I can hear you asking, “How does one strike up a soul conversation with them selves?” And I feel that you do this in much the same way as you begin your writing from soul. You use the breath to centre yourself into your body. You breathe yourself, your awareness, to the heart, to the soul of your being, and you listen for the answer to the questions you ask from within the silence. You feel the answers.

So, whether you are writing a book or journaling every day, wanting to heal or discover more of your soul-self, free writing from soul is an excellent tool of connection and conveyance. It is one that creates a great deal of understanding, of awareness, and even relatability in your life and in your work. Give it try today, and see the results of how free writing from soul can assist you in your daily spiritual practices or even in writing that book (or proposal ?) you have been dreaming of.

~Free Writing From Soul Exercise~
  • Grab your pen and paper or your keyboard (laptop/computer/tablet), and find a nice peaceful space where you can enjoy both connection and quiet.
  • If you feel like it, set yourself a nice place on a desk, at your kitchen table, in your garden even. Light a candle, incense or diffuse some oils.
  • When you are ready, close your eyes and take a big deep breath in. When you release this breath, let go with force or noise (like letting out a big sigh or louder). Shake it out.
  • Take a few more deep breathes in and out, focusing on drawing the breath into your body. Use your breath to ground you into the your body, and into the present moment.
  • When you feel ready, place a hand over your heart, and as you breathe, focus your attention or awareness onto that space. Breathe into your heart and connect with soul.
  • Again, when you are ready, open your eyes, take up your pen or keyboard, and write/type. Allow the words to flow out, just let them be; unhindered, unbridled, flowing.
  • Write until you cannot write anymore; you will sense when your soul is done, there will or should be a ‘cessation point’.
  • When you are finished writing, take a few more deep breathes, in and out, just to bring yourself back to now, and acknowledge that you wrote from soul. Well done!
  • If you wish, go back over what you wrote, read it, reread it, feel and explore all that it is, and all that it means to you. Otherwise, just keep it in a free writing from soul folder or journal, and come back to explore them at a later date.

~Reality Check. Yes Please!~
The reality though darling hearts is this. For those of us who write from soul, we write only when inspired, or we place ourselves in a space to inspire the flow of writing from soul, and it is from there that this whole article has been written, from soul. It was a space I was drawn to sit in, both yesterday and today, to sit in front of my computer with my ‘New Blog’ screen open and to allow a flow of writing from soul to appear on screen; to write and to share from soul.
So whilst you see a small raw and real snippet of what my personal free writing from soul looks like, everything that you have read today is from my heart and my soul; it has depth, it has meaning, and it is relatable; I feel anyways? ; and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
So the more you practice connecting in with and writing from soul, the easier it all becomes, the more trust you develop for your soul guidance and it’s little nudges (or mega pushes), the more authentically open and delectably revealing you become, and suddenly you will find yourself writing emphatically healing words that inspire growth and profound personal development.

Writing from soul has the ability to inspire, encourage and empower, yourself, and all others, and it is one of the most powerful healing tools accessible to every single person on the planet.

Free Writing From Soul; Emphatically Healing For Body, Mind and Soul.

With Love & Heartfelt Thanks,
Gemma Rose Green, is the Raw & Real Goddess, passionately and courageously advocating love and truth by inspiring full acceptance and expression of genuine authentic selves. She is a Soul Intuitive, Energy Reader & Healer, Author, Mentor & Spirit Sensitive who embodies truth and love, and whose passion and purpose is a wonderful multifaceted gem of embracing the heart, the soul, the sea, the divine feminine, and the juiciness of raw and real living.