Every now and then, I find myself sitting in a space where I could pack up all of
my ‘stuff’, shut down my spiritual, empowering, entrepreneurial business and
my way of being….including my belief in love, acceptance and compassion
being an integral part of creating a joyful, meaningful, productive existence.Every now and then, I find myself in this space, and today is one of those days.

In fact, ‘one of those day’s’ has been on and off for the last three days, yet today
it feels harder to beat than it did yesterday; hence a blog, because writing is a
tool of shift and healing.

Every now and then, I traverse this darkness of not knowing what I’m doing or
where I’m going. Of feeling useless and pointless, inadequate and even

Every now and then, I feel like I should surrender to taking a job in the
mainstream world, a job that doesn’t fill my cup, a job that serves more as
something to do that brings a consistent flow of income, one that has me feeling
stuck, bland or worse, oppressed.

Every now and then, this is how I feel about my life, my existence, and my
contribution; lack of; to my world. Yet this is not a feeling at all really, it’s a
​ nothingness. A sense of nothing, a sense of not feeling anything. It’s a space of
no spark, no passion, no feeling…no good feeling anyway. It’s like a numbness, a
stagnant or still space of no movement, no feeling, no nothing.

On and off I have been working at getting myself out of this this nothingness,
this space of numb negativity where I know if I made any real decisions about
my life, I would surely, and deeply, regret them once I regained my true sense
of feeling for my life.

On and off I have self vlogged, soul chatted and spirit chatted, I have let go and
surrendered to allowing, and I have reached that level of acceptance, of
allowance, where I am happy and content only to find myself slip back into the
numbness and doubt once more; you’ve got to know your triggers in these
times and avoid them at all costs!

Every now and then, I sit in this space, and although I may not be feeling it on a
positive level right this very second, I know that I am learning, growing,
processing and evolving my way through it…hopefully, all the way through to
brighter and better days, yes?

So, although I feel like I want to give up, and although I know that this too shall
pass, it doesn’t make traversing this period or moment in time any easier.
In fact, I am almost certain that at times it does not matter how much work we
do, sometimes there feels to be an allocated time frame of movement that we
need to go through before coming out the other side. My certainty is confirmed
as I see what it is that I’m missing, as I see that this ‘every now and then’ space
of mine requires one thing, and one things only, TRUST! Without it I have a
‘timeframe’ to move through, a natural movement through this energy.TRUST! Trust is what it comes down to. Trusting my path, trusting my decision,
trusting my purpose, my guidance, my direction. Trust is what it comes down to
for me, and whilst ever I am not trusting in my path explicitly, the ‘every now
and then’ moments are going to come up…every now and then ? , and they
will move in some kind of natural course.

With this movement and knowledge, I can share that if you are moving through
your own ‘every now and then’s’, or when you do, what I know for sure when it
comes to traversing or navigating these shitty lands is:

– Even though I sit in this space of questioning my path and feeling ready to give
it all up, I’m not going to. Holding on to this knowledge eases the burden, just a
little, and keeps the focus on moving through this pain rather than allowing it
to define your movements.

– Recognising that ‘every now and then’ space as a space of numbness, of
nothingness, is the first step to moving through it, after all, life is all about
feeling, and living in alignment to your highest vibration and fullest expression
requires tapping into joy, love and gratitude.

– Whilst it’s important to ‘do the work’, don’t force yourself into creating
movement. Sometimes you’ve just got to let go and allow your body to purge
the offending energy without getting caught up in it.

– There is usually a greater issue at hand, like trust, that gets lost in the chaos
and confusion of numbness and nothing. Knowing this will ease the impact, and
when you recognise it, you will know what to do to come out the other side; for
me, it’s about trust, so that’s what I need to surrender to more so than figuring
it all out.

– These moments, these ‘every now and then’s’, whatever they look like for you,
are legitimate, valid experiences for you so ease up on yourself. Don’t beat
yourself up, be hard on yourself or disrespect yourself for feeling this way or for
not being able to move through it in what you think is a timely manner.
It’s okay, and it will be okay!

– Letting go is probably the best thing that you can do for yourself in these
moments. Shifting your focus onto something else, or letting go completely and
opting for fun, child’s play and joy in someway is going to clear the energy a lot
faster than sitting in it and trying to figure it all out. 

– Know your triggers in these moments, the triggers that pull you back down;
one of mine is viewing social media; and avoid them!

– And finally, the next time you or someone you know is swimming in the muck
and decay, know that you, on any given day, on any given level, have the ability
to change your altitude…and attitude

With Love, Blessings, Raw & Real Honesty,
Gemma Rose

“Change your altitude” is derived from the passage, ‘she could change her own altitude’, in The Essential Laws of Fearless Living by Guy Finley.

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