​The journey of self love, discovering, appreciating, loving everything about you enough to be happy, free, authentic, is a process that is forever moving, ebbing and flowing with the sands of time.
​Each and every day we are faced with opportunities and challenges to dive deeper, to love more, to appreciate, honour and accept our beautiful selves completely and with unconditional love and compassion.
Sometimes we fair well, sometimes we do not. Sometimes we don’t notice the struggle, sometimes we do, but consistently, the intention to love and accept your self will continue to move you on the path to living a life filled with love and appreciation for your spirit, your body, your mind and your soul.
​As someone who holds the intention to develop self love at the forefront of all that I do I have faced many challenges to go deep, to move self loathing attitudes, thoughts and actions. So when I was provided the opportunity to expose vulnerabilities in one of the most physically raw and real ways I took a breathe and fearfully took that leap because I knew in my heart that it was the next evolutionary step in my self loving journey.
What was this opportunity? Well, it was a raw and real goddess photo shoot that lent to exposing your rawness, your vulnerabilities, dropping your masks and revealing the full and authentic essence of you. And, since I had already been working on being exposed energetically and physically through my business, exposing my self in complete and vulnerable rawness was something that my soul yearned to do, no matter how fearful and challenging it was.​
​The photo shoot itself was gentle, loving and kind, and being amongst soul-sistars who felt as equally challenged and determined as I did helped immensely. I was still uncomfortable…no, self conscious, which had me feeling a bit low and the immediate ‘sneak peek play back’ had me recoiling from the images in shame. Shame for my ‘lame’ effort, and shame for my exposed body. Just, shame. So much shame that I truly didn’t know how I was going to look through the images when they arrived in my inbox.
So from that point on I prepared myself to view the images with the saddest and harshest of judgement, I prepared myself to feel so bad, extremely bad, embarrassed, stupid, fat, ugly; you name it, I prepared for it.
This exercise became the ultimate in self love development!
​It took a huge effort to get my mind in a peaceful enough state to request the images of my naked body, it took two days actually. And it took me a few hours before I felt ‘okay’ with looking at myself fully exposed; not just physically, but energetically exposed, vulnerable and raw. This was my true essence, my true self with not a single thing to hide any of it, to enhance it or to soften it. Every single one of my masks, metaphorically, physically and energetically dropped from the moment I set foot in the make shift studio.
It was all me:
Exposed ~ Raw ~ Real ~ Vulnerable
​I soften myself, my heart, my eyes, as much as I possibly could before looking at my images, and when I finally did, I was so surprised to feel only love, to feel the beauty, to feel the softness, to feel the strength and the vulnerability. When I looked at the 45 images of my exposed self, I felt love, I felt compassion and awe. I saw love, I saw gentleness, I saw exposure and I fell in love.
I fell in love with my own divine essence, with my physical body that is soft and supple and squishy and lopsided.
Not one judgmental negative thought passed through my mind, not one, I simply fell in love with all of me!
​I know that I am lucky to be able to view myself through eyes of love and compassion, and I am so very grateful that this exercise proved a success for me as far as understanding the tremendous amount of self love I have personally developed over the years.
In my 42nd year earth side, after all those years of self loathing my physical body, I have finally accepted it all for the magnificent and beautiful miracle that it is and that is worth acknowledging and applauding.
​Disrobing and dropping all of your masks and viewing yourself with soft loving eyes, viewing yourself through eyes of beauty, love and compassion, will see you through to a day where you can look at your true essence, physically and energetically, and appreciate every little piece of you, where you love every last drop of divine feminine energy coursing through your amazing and beautiful body.

Waves of Love to the Earth Women on the South Coast of NSW,
Karin Neat from L’escargot Ivre Photography

With love and inspiration,
Gemma Rose Green is a soul intuitive, writer, healer and soulful spirit of truth and love. She is the founding member of the Raw and Real Goddess movement and is the ‘Medium in The Making.’ Gemma Rose is story teller of life as she lives it, an ocean goddess, a communicator to spirit and soul, and an inspiring force of love and acceptance. www.gemmarosegreen.com.au