Intuitive & Holistic 


Intuitive Counselling

What Is It?

My holistic, intuitive counselling methodology supports a balanced combination of mainstream & spiritual counselling techniques and practices that support your mental health, your physical health, your emotional health and your spiritual health. 

I specialise in counselling and facilitating healing methods and solutions in:

1. Family and Intergenerational Dynamics, Patterns Dysfunction and Trauma.
2. Women & Youth Self Love, Self Esteem & Self Worth.
3. Relationship Communication, Connection and Development.

Together, we can create change wherever you choose to see and experience it, for your present and future self.

How Does It Help?

The core premise of my counselling approach is to give you a voice to speak openly and a space to be heard without any forms of judgement.

Through counselling, you create a different environment in your body, heart and mind in which you can digest experiences more easily, reframe your stories and rewrite the past so that you present and future is more balanced, harmonised and positive.

Counselling can help you to:

1. Heal from your past experiences and move you toward a better future.
2. Flip your thoughts from destructive to constructive.
3. Supports you in living the best life you can by developing strategies, plans and actions that see you thrive in your life.

Why Choose Me?

I have an incredibly balanced approach to counselling that allows me to be both empathetic and encouraging to you and in your growth and expansion beyond your current situations.
My wealth of knowledge and practical wisdom that supports your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing, and am resourceful in helping connect you with the core of your situations, challenges, thoughts and emotions.
I am a healthy choice in your support as I have lived experienced in family dysfunction, violence and trauma, and in self perpetuating my own healing while learning and growing from it. I am down to earth, relatable and believe we are always a work in progress when it comes to thriving in life.

11 + 13 =

Some of

The Benefits of Treating Your Mind Right

  • Promotes healthy thought patterns.
  • Decreases your potential to spiral downward.
  • Manages stress in the body.
  • Decreases high blood pressure.
  • Promotes better sleep.
  • Promotes feeling balanced & connected.
  • Decreases the risk of heart disease.
  • Promotes health relationships with yourself and with others.

Generational Healing

The past impacts the present impacts the future. That is a universal law at work , weaving intergenerational experiences together as time moves in a linear direction. Whether the experiences brought forward are positive or negative, DNA, residual energies and impacts of ancestors are birthed with us and we have a choice to carrying on with ‘family traditions’ or to change them.

Trauma and stress of any kind can present in one or more of these most notable of ways; fight, flight, freeze or fawn. All of which are natural, normal, and very basic survival instincts which is what we are wired for as human beings.

Healing intergenerational trauma, behaviour and belief systems is the only way to end cycles and support future generations for the better.

“”Together we can create balance and harmony in your life.”


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What They Say

"I have worked with Gemma for a number of years now, and I have to say that I appreciate every opportunity I get to converse with her. Gemma has a unique way of approaching our counselling sessions like they are conversations between two people. And yet, I get so much out of them. Insight, clarity, healing. I always come away from a session feeling lighter and like I can do and get through anything."

"Reframing with you recently certainly made all the difference to how I was feeling and has allowed me to approach life right now with the creativity that I need to. Thankyou."

"If you want to move forward, onward and upward in your life, then this girl is for you. She has a spooky talent for getting to the truth of situations and big heart that supports you in achieving your dreams. My life is forever changed."

"Thank you for helping me with the pains and traumas of my past. Working with you has helped me heal the pain and let go of the past. I didn't know how much it all effected my curent relationships, and I'm so glad that you helped me have better ones.

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