Our ‘Women In Business’ series in the Raw & Real Thriving Collective, has brought me to honing in on some quality insights that support, encourage and uplift you, a woman in or wanting to be in, business.                                                                                       

As a woman in business within the spiritual industry since 2009, and on and off since the age of 21 in mainstream industries, I have a fair amount of experience to draw on. Yet even now, I will turn to spirit and ask for continued guidance, for pertinent and beneficial messages, for channellings that support my own knowing and those who care to read my words.

We are all faced with challenges, they are the unavoidable crux of living, but women in business can face a lot more challenges than life would tend to throw at them. Now, there is no real distinction between mainstream and spiritual women in business, however being a part of the spiritual industry, my natural tendencies lay within those realms as I tune in to spirit.


Challenges of ‘Women In Business.’

  • What? More than one hat? – Ah, more than one hat. For the longest of times men have been benefiting from the belief and social understanding that men go to work, come home, eat, drink, go to bed, and do it all again. Yes, times are changing and men are evolving into so much more and it is with great gratitude and appreciation that I see that every day. Yet women in business still have multiple hats to contend with; business woman, mum, wife, lover, friend, cook, cleaner, therapist, chauffeur, nurse….I could go on 😉 and that is a daily challenge that we have to content with.
  • Belief? In myself, always? – This is a big one. The continual belief in who you are, in what you are doing, in where you are going and even in how you are doing it. It really does all come down to self belief. If you don’t have it, being a woman in business is hard. Being a woman in business and working from home, is even harder.
  • Help? Do I need it? – The age old problem of asking for help and being open to receiving help. I am currently unsure as to whether this is mainly a female trait or male trait or is found in relative equality, but it is quite the challenge, especially if you have never learnt how to ask for or accept help.
  • Boundaries? What are they? – My favourite thing to spruik about is creating, implementing and maintaining boundaries in lots of life area’s. Women in business, in particular, need to become good at developing boundaries…including with themselves, if they are wanting to reach for the stars as swiftly and easily as they could do.
  • Alone? Does that mean I’ll be lonely? – Yes, being a woman in business can be very lonely, again, especially if you are working from home. Feeling alone in your endeavours is a challenge. Even if you have a network of support, it can still feel lonely at times.
    The other side to ‘alone’, and the one that I’m going to explore a little more, is going it alone. Going it alone when no-one else supports you, believe’s in you, or even wants you to be in business let alone succeed. And still, what about when you should be going it alone rather than connecting with so many others?      

All food for thought, and all have ways to combat, overcome and move beyond them. For example:

  • Multiple Hats: Create the distinction between what you’re doing and when you’re doing it (yes, being house nurse is not a scheduled event, but so much of your life can be).
  • Self Belief: Continually cultivating and developing an unshakeable belief, and, if it should shake, to always dust yourself off and get back up again.
  • Asking For Help: Ask! Just do it!! If you need help, ask for it. No one is coming to the rescue without you asking for help first. Plus, everything flows with more ease when you ask for the help you require as soon as you require it…..saves a LOT of time!
  • Boundaries: Place boundaries where ever you need boundaries, and stick to them. If you need to divide your time up, divide it up and let everyone know what time you are doing what so that they can respect that process. Boundaries are one of the more difficult to get used to, especially if you’re a Mum, in which case, if you are, I say start with something something simple….like going to the toilet alone😋
  • Loneliness and Going It Alone: This is where building your support networks come into play. Your cheer squad if you will. Be in contact with people who uplift you and support you, and reach out to your friends and supporters whenever you are feeling lonely.
    Then, there’s the trust in yourself that allows you to move forward with your business if you don’t have any supporters. Develop that! Cultivate that! Own what you are doing.

Further exploration of going it alone…….


Going It Alone, Channelled Message:

“There is a fine line between going it alone and working with others, supporting, networking, collaborating. 

Especially in this modern era where so much weight is placed on connection, on teamwork, on supporting each other and collaborating collectively. 

Yes, this is all essential, yet so too is the ability to go it alone. So too is the capability of trusting in yourself and in your path so honestly that if all others fall away, you will continue to go it alone. You will pick yourself up and work your business for yourself, with yourself.

Going it alone is par for the course, it is a part of the duration, and today we share, that as with life cycling through phases and stages, going it alone cycles in and out of your business life in stages and phases.

Even if this looks like taking a break, restoring your balance for a month in isolation and solitude, being alone and developing a continual trust for your presence, your awareness, and your direction of business is essential.

If you are unwilling to go it alone, are you willing to be thriving in business at all?”



Sage words from the spirit team? You decide. For me though, I know what I know, and I know that stepping inward and walking alone is a necessary step if you are truly choosing to follow your dreams and your dreams only.

 Author: Gemma Rose Green has been working with energy and spirit for over 10 years now; working with spirit, nature and universal energies.
She is an Intuitive Energy Healer ~ Empath ~ Psychic ~ Medium ~ Witchy Woman ~ Mother.

Gemma specialises in generational and ancestral energy work, promoting and facilitating change for the past, present & future.
Gemma Rose Green is also an Author, Writer, Creator.

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