An intricate look at the two faces that are judgement.
Sitting in the throws of internal suffering, having risen out of the mere thought of judgement, I am left wondering the possibilities of freedom from the jellyfish like tentacles of judgement, given and received.
Can we ever truly break free from the entanglement of judgement? Can we ever really be free of both casting out or the impact of receiving judgement?”

My honest answer, in the greater scheme of things, is, I don’t know. I don’t know if one can truly break free or if it’s a mythical notion that some of us aspire to.
I do however, have deep feelings and a valued belief on the subject of judgement. And why should I not? Judgement is, after all, one of those core issues that I find myself working with, experiencing, and delving into time and time again in order to break free from it’s crippling barbs.

​The question, I feel, is a question of different import to us as individual beings, which shapes a literal and very personal answer for each of us. And the answer is one that is felt or believed, more than anything else, and it is one that is so multifaceted and limitless, with  both shiny and lacklustre possibilities.

Is It Possible To Be Released and Detached From Judgement?
This is something that I love, delving into the endless possibility and wonder of a subject. I find it sensationally intriguing, human nature, our psyche. It draws me in to it’s mystical depths, the depths of self, the depths of soul, and it creates within my belly, my womb, such a motivated passion for discovery, development, self awareness and a greater understanding overall, for life and living.

When we delve into a subject like judgement, any subject really, there are always two sides, and multiple dimensions to look at, which is why the possibilities are seemingly endless. You will always have the most positive aspect, the most negative aspect, everything possible in between, and then, you can turn it all upside down and inside out and round and round in a continuous flow of discovery and awareness.

Two Sides To Every Coin.

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In exploring judgement the obvious faces of the judgement coin are giving and receiving, casting and catching, both of which can cause irrevocable damage to our own psyche; if we allow it.
​​In receiving judgement from others, from family, peers, community, strangers, one can find it so intensely painful that the judgement itself creates disharmony within the body and the mind, at best. At it’s worst, being judged can be physically debilitating, paralysing you where you stand, withholding you from following your dreams or from even stepping outside.

Personal Truth: I’ve had many, many moments of not wanting to set foot out my front door, mostly in 2016, from fear of judgement. I actually had a thing of fearing judgement from my neighbours and simply did not want them to see me, ever. Even walking to the beach took some effort, and my best friend, to take up again on a regular basis.
In itself, receiving judgement is not a reflection of us as the receiver. It is, instead, a reflection of them as the caster.
What we do with their judgement befalls upon our shoulders, becoming our responsibility and our reflection of our own inner sense of self worth to the world.

When you can fully embrace this notion of reflecting your inner thoughts, feelings and energy out into the world, then you give yourself a greater chance to deflect judgement and dissolve the power it once had. Understanding this, understanding your part in allowing judgement to raise from within you your true sense of self worth, allows you the opportunity to look deeper and heal, adjust, or repair your sense of value.

I get it, the dear goddess knows that I get it, and she knows that I struggle with it each and every day, yet that doesn’t lessen the wisdom I house in relation to judgement; it just makes me a work in progress, a phenomenal woman, still getting my shit together.
Personal Truth: Judgement, among others, is a major adversary of mine. In connecting to the energy of this article and some unease within my body, I came to see that judgement has come up for me today because I am fearing the judgement of stepping more into my Raw and Real Goddess power. This fear of judgement is holding me back from fully embracing, fully accepting, the path of the Raw and Real Goddess!
What’s the reality here though? I mean really? We simply cannot avoid judgement of some kind, can we. Can we?
Unfortunately the answer to that is no, so the reality for us then becomes a matter of being responsible for our own presence, our own energy, our own lives. It becomes about our ability to work with ourselves, to look within and unearth any and all self esteem and self worth issues. It becomes about us doing the work to develop and value ourselves deeper and wider than ever before.
Judgement Is Only A Tangled Mess of Low Self Esteem.
So when it comes to receiving, can we truly break free from the entanglement of judgement?

For the most part, I believe so. I believe in the possibility, I believe in the inner awareness, knowing and understanding of self healing and I believe in the capacity of personal development.
There is however, a much smaller part, perhaps it’s ego’s mischievous little ‘but in’, that knows the depths that one must travel to, continually and consciously, to rise above the stabbing attacks and debilitation that judgement can bring.
It is the enormity of the inner work for each one of us that creates the question, “can you ever be free from the entanglement of judgement”, therefore the answer will always be a profoundly personal one.

I do believe in the possibility of creating a life for yourself where the judgement of others no longer concerns you. I wholly believe the judgement itself is a reflection of the judger, and I most certainly do believe if we value ourselves enough, if we know our worth deeply to the core of our being, we will never give a second thought to a single judgement cast our way; it’s called confidence and personal power.
On The Flip Side.
On the flip side of all of that is, of course, our innate ability to cast judgement upon others, and ourselves.
Part 2 of this series on judgment dives deeper into the aspect of making or casting judgement and questions our ability to lessen the impact of what is an extremely natural trait of human behaviour.

​Dig deep, look hard, love hard, be true to you, and judgment, pffft, let that shit go!
With Love and Heartfelt Thanks,
Gemma Rose Green, is the Raw & Real Goddess, passionately and courageously advocating love and truth by inspiring full acceptance and expression of genuine authentic selves. She is a Soul Intuitive, Energy Reader & Healer, Author, Mentor & Spirit Sensitive who embodies truth and love, and whose passion and purpose is a wonderful multifaceted gem of embracing the heart, the soul, the sea, the divine feminine, and the juiciness of raw and real living.