Ah, the joys, journey’s, and pitfalls of life as a spiritual entrepreneur. It’s never an easy task to hop into a world that is ridiculed, laughed at and epitomized as a sham by what we like to call ‘the mainstream folk’.  And it’s especially not easy when you are yet to blessed with the self-confidence and self-worth that supports your spiritual position and desire to help others.

As with any business, mainstream, spiritual or entrepreneurial, to be successful you need to have a lot, if not all, of the ‘right’ ingredients.

Spiritual industry acceptance is getting easier, absolutely, with more and more people in acceptance of something greater within themselves, something greater within the connection to the universe, to the planet, to spirit, soul and source. Except, there is a lot of bullshit and baloney masked as solutions to problems that we only think exist, and or problems that we are told we need to fix. Quick fix at that.


Let’s Digress…


It’s especially hard when you are yet to be blessed with the self-confidence and self-worth that supports a spiritual position and desire to help others, to do it successfully and to benefit from the internal and external rewards that are necessary to help propel us forward; it’s no good running on the hamster wheel in a continuous cycle of unreciprocated effort.

My voice is big. It’s important. It’s needed.

My desire to help others connect to themselves, to express themselves, to experience life with more love, more acceptance and with more spirit, is vast. It is a desire that fills my heart and expands my soul. And yet, I start, I stop, I start, I stutter. To then only start all over again.

My clarity becomes clouded. My desire becomes distorted, looming larger than life as I myself become less and less fulfilled. And that, this tale of breaking up with business, is what it’s all about. Being unfulfilled.


Key Point…


When we recognize that we are no longer fulfilled in any area of life, the best we can do is as the analogy say’s, ‘toss it all up in the air and see what lands’ as a way of identifying fulfilling aspects to your body, mind and soul.

And that, dear friends, is where I am at. I am breaking up with many aspects in my life, and this simply means creating the space for something else to grow. For thriving fulfillment to rise within my body and being once more.


I am breaking up with my business, my business as I know it. I am deconstructing, decluttering, disbanding, dissecting, disassembling. EVERYTHING! Business. Social media. Friends. Relationships. Family. EVERYTHING & EVERYWHERE! To see what lands and where I am most fulfilled in life.

It’s challenging. It’s triggering. It’s life changing. And when it comes to business, I hate it. I hate the change in business structure, in business idea’s, in offerings and services and public profiles. I hate it because it invokes feeling of uncertainty, of being unsure of myself and even uncommitted to my path. To me, this kind of change, this breaking up, reeks of an undefined, unrefined personal and public knowingness, and I hate that. BUT, without progressing through the break up, without honouring the processes of listening to my body, my mind and my soul, and following through with the guidance that I would love to ignore but simply cannot make the choice to, I will not come close to achieving more of the goodness and fulfillment that we (I) seek.

The break up, the dismantling, the change, allows for the creation of space, and it is space that is needed for the invitation of progressive evolution to not only be heard, but to also occur.

Clarity, abundance, openness, connection. Self, relationships, family growth. All of these and so much more, require space new levels of awareness, for new levels of interactions, for new levels of connections and experiences to become possible.

Right now, nothing seems possible except letting it all go and creating room, room where I can see and feel that area’s in life and business that I invoke the greatest sense of fulfillment within my WHOLE being.


After Thought…

An interesting after thought to all the writing that I’ve done this week/end, is that it’s earmarked as symbolically representing death and resurrection…a natural cycle and process that we all move through as we grow and evolve consistently throughout our lives. Now, one just has to love that symbology 😉


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