Today we have the beginnings of a series of information channelled from spirit around BECOMING.

Becoming is  one of those high vibration words, those feel good words, that promote something new, new with positive energy and overtones.

So, becoming it is….and the only question is, where to begin?


The Beginnings of Becoming, Spirit Talk…

“You all want to be starting somewhere specific, thus ensuring that you don’t really start at all, when really, if you just do, then you’ve already begun. 

The burden lies within the perception and the expectation.

Challenges arise and are met forth with, with such grandiose measures that really, if you just begin something, just took some action, the challenges would dissipate more easily.

Receptibility is another thing that keeps the limits in play. How many of you are truly receptive? Truly receptive of all the possibilities, all that is possible, without some stigma, format or expectation involved? How many?

Challenge the strong.

Challenge the weak.

Challenge all that is within your mind and body right now.

When you challenge, you shift. When you question, you shift. 

Challenging what you know, what you feel, what others know and feel, or even what is, dissolves a stronghold or foot hold in the ground that doesn’t allow for mutability, for malleable thought, thinking, doing and being.

If love really is the way, then where is it? Where is the love that so many talk of? Where is the love of self and the love of neighbour? 

Yes the states of evolving are in action and yet they are so slow paced that they barely register on any measurable scale. And yet, it is all timeless. Timeless in effort. Timeless in love. Timeless in energy and timeless in being.

Stop putting time frames to what you are becoming and just become. Stop putting a whitewash on everything and just become. Stop branding yourself as this or that, and just become!”


 What Does It All Mean…

 Interpretation of messages and guidance no matter what form they come in, is a personal matter. How you interpret the same message or symbol, can be completely different to a friends interpretation.

All that means is that there is no right or wrong, only what sits, fits and feels good to you.

 However, if I can add, there are a number of elements within this channelled message, elements that you can dissect and digest one at a time if you choose to; Challenges. Challenging. Love. Timelessness. All of these lead us to becoming…the beginning of the becoming journey where will can challenge our thoughts and perceptions and feelings related to transitions and changes and growth.



As we move into relating to becoming as opposed to transitions, there is a sense of ease to that rather than resistance or struggle, and this my friends, is one of the goals to life…creating ease within and around whatever we are facing.

 Author: Gemma Rose Green has been working with energy and spirit for over 10 years now; working with spirit, nature and universal energies.
She is an Intuitive Energy Healer ~ Empath ~ Psychic ~ Medium ~ Witchy Woman ~ Mother.

Gemma specialises in generational and ancestral energy work, promoting and facilitating change for the past, present & future.
Gemma Rose Green is also an Author, Writer, Creator.