Be Your Best Friend – The Importance of being your very own best friend.

Be your own best friend. You’ve probably heard that a million times on the self love journey, and yet it is one of the best pieces of advice that I can give or receive, and yes, I say receive because this morning I lost myself in the deep, deep depths of friendships, mourning my losses and lacks and feeling the fear of trusting people in my community to be a true friend.
And as I mourned, as I allowed the tears of sadness and fear to fall, I heard the softness of my inner muse as she whispered,
“You are the one who needs to be your best friend.”

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As those words settled into my being I could feel my inner self unfolding from the pain and the fear, unfolding from the depths of a negative experience. I repeated and reaffirmed those words, “I need to be best friend”, over and over until I had reached the peak of understanding that yes, even though I felt this morning that I would love to have friends to call up and to come over so that they can can support me, lift and raise me or encourage me to continue to grow and explore my path, I need to be all of that for myself and above all us. And that is the truth dear ones. What I want to receive from others is exactly what I need to give, what I need to be for myself, period. There is no excuse, reason nor rhyme that justifies you not being there for yourself, not being your very own best friend.
​So, why?

“Why is it so important to be your best friend?”
Simply put, if you cannot give something to yourself, then you are unable to give it authentically to anyone else, and you are less capable of authentically receiving from others also. *There is so much that we can cover on this subject yet I feel the need to keep it simple today. And I say authentically because in order to be genuinely loving of another person, one must be that way to and for themselves. If they are not, then the genuine or authentic aspect is hidden or removed as it becomes tainted with an intention or expectation.

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Even more simply put my darlings is that nothing is outside of us. Everything that we want to feel or know about ourselves is within us, and I see this as such a great responsibility, a personal responsibility that we owe ourselves.
Just imagine for a minute what it would be like to be your best friend. What would it look like? What would it feel like? What would it sound like?

Being your own best friend is such an important gift to be giving yourself because you deserve it. You deserve to be your biggest supporter, your number one fan. You deserve it because if all else fails, if friendships and relationships change and evolve with the turning of the wheel, as they do, the only thing that remains constant is you.

“You are always going to be there no matter what is going on in the external world.”
So if you are the only constant thing that you can rely on to be in your life, don’t you think that you owe it to yourself to be your own best friend? To be the love you seek? To be the support you desire? To be your biggest, best and most genuine fan?

I do. And when you see, when you feel, when you become that for yourself too, life will become so much easier, more graceful and more flowing because the universe knows that you are being responsible for where you end up, for what you experience and for how you experience it.
So do yourself a favour today and become your best friend. Imagine yourself talking to another you as your best friend. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love you, how much you support you and how dedicated to you that you are.

Be your best friend because there is no one more qualified in that area than you.

​With Love and Blessings,

Gemma Rose Green is a soul intuitive, writer, healer and soulful spirit of truth and love. She is the founding member of the Raw and Real Goddess movement and is the ‘Medium in The Making.’ Gemma Rose is story teller of life as she lives it, an ocean goddess, a communicator to spirit and soul, and an inspiring force of love and acceptance.